It’s really weird at the moment…. I go through days without sleep and then I have days with a lot of sleep. This is really fucking up my routine these days. Not saying that I’ve got a routine really, but you know.

My room is yet again an absolute mess. I’m actually quite pissed off with that. For months (since the beginning of the year anyway) I’ve been really organised, tidy, etc, but now it all seems to have taken a turn for the worst. I can just barely step in my room, there is books everywhere (it’ll only take a few mins to put them in the case) and there are clothes everywhere. I’ve still not painted that last wall and the doors haven’t been attached to the wardrobe yet. There you go, it’s THAT bad! :) I mean after all we’ve lived in the new house since the beginning of June…

I’ve finally got a good CV. All of you guys know that my CV was always a big, big mess, but now with the help of Tugsy (from Matchbox360) it’s now all groovy and includes a nice little profile section:

“I consider myself to be highly motivated and hardworking individual, who would be a valuable addition to any work team. I always work to the best of my ability, going out of my way to support colleagues if and when needed. Any task I am set will be completed as efficiently and as satisfactorily as possible. I will always bring a new out look on a situation; offering an honest opinion on how improvements can be made.

I am highly punctual and put effort into my personal presentation; I believe it is essential when representing a company to look your best and arrive on time in order to maintain high standards that are expected at work.”

There you go, that sounds quite amazing, doesn’t it. :D So thanks, Tugsy.

In other news I’m also completely in money problems. Being off sick from work a few days has completely fucked me over. There are so many things I need to get, including food, cat food, etc, and of course all the new games. But that should hopefully change soon. I’ve now made a new list of jobs I’d consider and I’ve also ordered the new Open University catalogue,which reminds me I haven’t actually looked at it yet. I’m not sure what I want to do, but I’m going to let myself get inspired by looking at the catalogue.

Another random idea I had was maybe studying full time. Yes, I know I’m 23 and not getting any younger, but I’m sick and tired of all these places that just demand you to have experience AND education. Why the fuck did I fuck up my education? I mean seriously? I am 23 and what do I have to show for it? Fuck all. Fair enough I can speak/write German and English, but so can millions of others. And I can’t be fucked to actually do a job that involves German. For some reason I’ve got this really bad thing with the language going on. I don’t like the sound of it, I hate writing in it and it all just annoys me. That’s why I also prefer writing this in English.

So yeah, that’s my masterplan, do something else, maybe study and NEVER EVER bother with German. Now where did the OU catalogue go? ;)

Well, I could go on rambling about things, but this has to be enough. Also I need to stop Phoebe from jumping on the ceiling as there are some flying things she really wants to get… Meh…. (that’s the word of the day).

Take care.


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1 Response to Meh…

  1. Sanna says:

    Hi Cat,

    hope things will work out for you.
    I know it can be frustrating at times when nothing seems to be going the way you want to. I’ve found that dealing with problems and life in general a day at a time really helps. There is nothing really you can do about what you’ve done in the past like not studied, so no use beating yourself up over it, it’s only a waste of time. I suppose in the end no one can change your life but you every minute you live this very now. Maybe it’s easier to get some sort of perspective if you figure out what you want to do you want to do in life? What are some realistic ways of achieving that? How much can you manage in a day without getting overworked and prone to give up? It’s the little decisions that you make every minute every day that builds the thing which we call life. That’s my opinion.
    About sleeping, I’m in a really bad sleeping pattern as well. I think if you stay awake more than you can handle, your body compensates by oversleeping as a result. Maybe cut down on caffeine and alcohol if you have those, as they can affect sleep pretty badly. Or maybe always try to go to bed and get up at the same time, and go for a long walk in the day to make you tired in the evening. Just some ideas really. I’m following my own advice and have swapped pepsi max for caffeine free coke :) I’ll have to wait to find out the results…
    Take care of yourself now & see you soon,



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