Well, I’m pissed off….

Everyone who has ever lived in a shared flat/house before will probably understand what I’m going on about. Everyone else, this will most likely happen to you as well. I’m really pissed off with my housemate. If I could be bothered to explain it all here again, I would, but simply he’s not worth it. All I’m saying is that I’m now the last person in this house he’s lost it with. And I won’t be turning to him any more.

So yeah, my dad’s money hasn’t cleared. Still hasn’t at 4 am. I really need this money now.

A friend who was helping us with the move back came round today. God, have we been living here this long? It was nice seeing him again.

Otherwise I’ve been sorting out some stuff today, nothing exciting really.

In the evening I was playing Lego Star Wars II again and talking to Gaskin on private chat and he was nice enough helping me out. Cheers, Gaskin.

Tomorrow is my job interview interview.

That’s about it really.

Music: Shirley Bassey, James Bond/Goldfinger

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