You like?


In case you haven’t noticed yet, there are a few things I’ve changed on my blog, after I realised that my previous theme doesn’t support sidebar widgets and was a bit too basic. I’ll see how I get along with this one. Feedback?

Andrew has now started playing Oblivion and is asking me for help every 2 minutes. It’s quite funny actually. Although I believe he made the wrong choice, but we’ll see. The gfx are so much better on the PC, I’m almost jealous.

I’ve had yet another day of doing fuck all, but again this is my break before I start working at the new place which is in a bit more than a week. I also need to send back the contract on Monday after getting a reference from work.

I’ll be going back to work on Monday as well. They phoned me up earlier and asked if I could come in. They’ve got a very good game in (which I obviously can’t mention here :P) and they’re probably just running out of ppl as well. I’ve been talking to some ppl from work today as well, including Mark and Andy and it’s quite interesting. Apparently they’ve all been missing me and talking to Andy earlier made me realise that there are a few ppl that I will be missing and that made working tehre worthwhile. We’ll be going for a drink sometime next week as well and I sure as hell want a rubbish card.

I really can’t believe I worked at that place for 3 years. I actually owe them so much. It was the first longterm job I had and it helped a lot with my written English. And come on, without the experience of the place I would have never gotten my new job! :)

Ian also got me some chinese food tonight, bless him. He said it was a thankyou for doing some phonecalls this week. Thanks, Ian. :)

I’ve had everyone of you tell me I should move closer to work and therefore save money and time, but for the first time since I’ve moved to the UK I’m living somewhere I really like and I like whoI live with. Surely that’s more important, no?

That’s about it really. I’ll try and get another early night tonight, after sleeping quite a lot last night.


Music: The Who, Who are you (CSI version)

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4 Responses to You like?

  1. icemangaskin says:

    Early night aye?? or not.. :P


  2. carocat says:

    Didn’t quite happen now, did it? Oh well… :P


  3. isadler says:

    I really like your blogs. Thank you for your help. Hope you have a good evening.

    Ian x


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