Bit bored of late.

I’ve been a bit bored of late. Of life, friends, having the same conversations/arguments, games and pretty much everything really.

I really am looking forward to the job, but I’m also very, very nervous. I keep thinking that I will fail which I obviously hope I don’t, but that little bit of doubt is still there.

I know I asked this in an earlier blog entry, but what do you guys think? Should I move closer to work or stay here where it is going to take me forever to travel and cost quite an substantial amount of money? After all I am actually living somewhere I like for the first time since moving to the UK. So, what is more important?

That’s about it really, a short one for a change. More in German tomorrow. :)


Music: The Kooks, Naive

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2 Responses to Bit bored of late.

  1. Sarah says:

    Vielleicht solltest du uns mal wieder in Deutschland besuchen kommen…. Ja, das war ein Wink mit dem Zaunpfahl. :P


  2. carocat says:

    Ich weiss, aber ich habe nicht wirklich Lust nach Deutschland zu kommen.

    Ich moechte endlich mal wieder richtig in den Urlaub fahren und Deutschland nervt mich…

    Trotzdem mal wieder schoen von dir zu hoeren. :)


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