Well, after not being at work today after they didn’t schedule me, I just got a phonecall from work.

I am not allowed to even enter the premises (that includes the carpark) after I’m deemed untrustworthy. I’m allowed to ring them up tomorrow when I’m outside the premises to have someone bring me my stuff.

Wow, after 3 years and all that crap I’m not even allowed there…. Worst thing is, I’m the first one they’ve done it with. There were no problems when anyone else left.

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2 Responses to Untrustworthy?

  1. Steve (neyo) says:

    You robbing…!!!! :P


  2. carocat says:

    Not a chance, security is so tight that you can’t even steal paperclips.

    I think they’re just scared of me revealing secrets… :(


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