Why do YOU play on Xbl?

So I have been wondering lately, why do people play on Xbl? Is it for the community and the fun or more the competitiveness?

So everyone who is reading this and playing Xbl, please leave a comment and tell me why YOU play it. :)


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15 Responses to Why do YOU play on Xbl?

  1. BIG D 04 says:

    Well think of it as when you play your Brother Split-Screen have funny and much gloating you put him through after you kicked his ass in any game….

    Now take-away the Split-Screen and on Thousands Upon Thousands of other games to mock…then you have it….XBOX LIVE!!

    It’s for the fun of taking on a real player instead of boring AI for a change.


  2. Lloyd Naerger says:

    I think that i play Xbl just for the community side of it, to have a laugh with your mates, do stuff when you cant go out and pretty much just have a good time.

    Being competitive just isn’t my bag tho :)


  3. Dcontrol says:

    I first wanted to get xbox live for Halo 2’s multiplayer. So I got live and haven’t looked back since. The fun aspect is obviously a major factor but I have also had some great games and met some really good people on there. It was a game changing time when live was introduced and I simply had to be a part of it.


  4. graddy says:

    Mainly for my friends, to me it’s perfect to work with a group of people in something you can’t do in real life. Being a soldier, thinking like a soldier, working as a team ectra, thats the fun to me. I don’t mind losing as long as the game was fair.

    It’s also the best chance you get in real life to be a jerk, something I rarely do, but enjoy all the same ;)


  5. Luke says:

    I started playing Xbox Live because I wanted to span out my gaming experience. I too got bored playing with my brother on split screen. I also really wanted to meet new people. The idea of meeting loads of new people from all over the world was really cool to me and still is. I was also curious about how good i really was at gaming, and how I matched up to others. I also find it hard to meet other people like me, but in a gaming community, it became really easy to talk to people and make friends with them. I suppose some people may find this strange, but a few of the friends I’ve met online are better friends than my school friends.

    There’s a few of the reasons why I play on XBL. ;)


  6. carocat says:

    Thanks for the Feedback so far, guys. I’ll keep this blog post bumped for a few more days.

    Any more opinions are more than welcome. :)


  7. Tugsy says:

    Its a healthy outlet for my competitiveness too be honest. I get quite verbal occasionally, but then again you should see me on a football pitch….

    Though the community is a bonus.


  8. Mr Gaskino says:

    Because I’m good at games, and I enjoy ‘pwning’ the n00b5′.

    Also because I have to review them these days..


  9. youlesy says:

    m$ have a reputation to provide good online access (and bad bugs).

    – my reason –

    because when i first started i had no life :P and its a great way to meet new people without the bad sides of life (like being hit XP), hmm thats probally y i dont play it as often now :P


  10. carocat says:

    Cheers for the feedback, guys. I’ll bumb this up and feel free to post more. ;)


  11. sickr says:

    Sadly enough I don’t have Xbox Live, or for that matter even an XBox 360. From what I hear though it’s apparently a great online community with plenty of content and customizable features to download. It certainly appears Sony have their work cut out if they wish to entice gamers over to their online infrastructure with the PS3.



  12. ooretrooo says:

    I play games, because i enjoy laughing myself to sleep at night to the sound of an Irishman, scott and colombian arguing with each other. ;P


  13. razorlyte says:

    i play xbox live because im too poor to go out boozing all the time so the worth replacement is xbox.


  14. Link says:

    Wahoa! Lot of comments Ms. Cat!

    Erm, because I enjoy it, right?

    I don’t know, that’s what Microsoft told me to say :s.


  15. carocat says:

    Yeah, Link. It’s gone slightly crazy on here. :D

    And Retro, that is quite funny. Link, you should stop listening to MS I suppose. Or fluffy bunnies… :P


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