Do not fear, the Cat is back… ;)

So, I’m gone for a few days and what do I come back to? Many many emails from a guy called Bobby who is very concerned that I may not be able to go to the pharmacy as it’s so far away. Which is where he comes along to tell me of this great company that will ship me everything. Well, isn’t that just nice? I also received several emails from Sheila who recommends me this shop which our mutual friend Claire favours. So I wonder why has my friend Claire not told me about this myself?

Is it just me or do the Spam mails get sillier every day? And why do they send the same one 5 or even 10 times? It’s not like I’ll delete the first 9 and then decide to click the 10th one, is it? Do they really expect people to be that stupid?

Well, so I’m back. Some of you know that I wasn’t really gone, but still hovered about, but it was still a nice time off. I actually got things done without msn being constantly in the background. I never did realise I suppose on how much time I spend on msn. So I’m afraid you guys might see me less on there in the future. Although saying that it’ll probably go the same way as with most of my plans and good intentions and only last a few days. :P

I’ve sort of made up my mind as well as to what I want to do with my life longterm. I. e. job related. Now, I love testing games and I love the games industry which is why I want to continue working in it. There are several routes I could go along, one being games journalism. And that really looks like something I want to pursue. So in the meantime I’ll have to improve my English. especially my written English, as I’m not very impressed with it. So, if anyone has any suggestions how I can do that, feel free. :D

I’ve also been reading a bit in the last few days. At the moment I’m reading a book by Haha Lung (I could not make that name up!) called “The Deadly Art of the Cult of the Assassins“. It is about how the Assassins Cult began to spread and gain momentum and how that influences society today. Very interesting, although it has shockingly many spelling mistakes.

Been playing a few games as well, a bit of Halo 2, a bit of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory which is a great game and I’m in the mood to play a bit of “Call of Cthulhu“. I haven’t played the game since it scared me last time as I was alone in the house and maybe slightly scared. That game has an amazing, yet odd atmosphere.

So that’s it from me. Glad to be back and hope you are too. :P


Music: Absoluten Beginner, Bambule!

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3 Responses to Do not fear, the Cat is back… ;)

  1. Link & Fuzzy says:

    Fuzzy is very glad you are back.

    He finally came out from under the monitor where he had previously been huddled and shivering.. it was a very depressing sight.. :-(

    Right, game journalist, I would love to do that, I just hate writing long drawn out things and am not very good at it.. but if you can do it good for you, and good luck for you too!

    Oh yes, and as for grammar, get some of those magnetic refrigerator letters and start spelling words, starting with “a” and going all the way to “i”


  2. Beck says:

    Speaking of spam, I keep getting loads of chinese spam every day. I would actually read it if I could understand it!! :)


  3. carocat says:

    Chinese spam? That’s impressive. I can’t say I’ve had that yet! Not that I’m complaining. ;)


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