I should probably really sort out my sleeping problem. For quite a long time (about 1 year at least) my sleeping pattern has been quite ridiculous. I either don’t sleep at all or sleep too much. This year it’s been getting a lot worse with me not sleeping at least one night a week. Like last night for example. Or the night before.

This means that I am awake at silly hours in the morning, can see the sunrise (not really that great any more, seen it too many times now) and still don’t get anything done. I keep having a million and one things I need to get done, yet I seem to never actually do them.

So, has anyone got any suggestions on how I can return my sleeping pattern to normal? Any ideas on how to go to sleep when I’m not tired?

Any help is appreciated. :D


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6 Responses to Sleeping…

  1. becky says:

    My top tips for a good night sleep…

    Don’t play videogames late at night – it makes the brain too alert
    Don’t smoke late at night – makes the brain too alert
    Drink milk before bed – hot or cold
    Have a clear conscience

    I sleep like a baby if I follow those rules :)


  2. Matt says:

    If you find out how to Cat.. tell me please.

    I stay up till 4 or later at least twice a week and then sleep till 3 on the weekends. I need help.

    I am personally amazed that you can stay up for 4 days straight and not be a zombie after it all.


  3. carocat says:

    Yeah, Becky, I do too many of those things, or not enough. ;) But in all seriousness, I need to cut down on gaming, etc late at night. I know as much. :(

    Matt, I know, I’m surprised I can do that myself.

    But on the other hand I slept all last night and now am more or less awake at 9 am…. :D


  4. Matt says:


    And now I’m amazed by that fact. I’m up at 5 AM and you woke up at 8:30AM, it’s usually the other way around..

    I wish we never had to sleep.


  5. carocat says:

    Yep. Normally when you go to bed at midnight I’m still awake. Crazyness.


  6. insomnia says:

    I wish i never had to sleep as well! It’s currently 3am here, just sitting on the computer not doing much :P I’d love to be able to sleep!


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