First Ignition podcast is now available

The Ignition team have now released their first podcast.

The first Ignition podcast is now available to download from the Ignition site. This will be a fortnightly occurrence for the boys at Ignition. The shows 2 hosts, Matt Collins A.K.A. Zyber Jedi and Stewart Bradford A.K.A. Subdivid3r, talk about the Xbox 360 Marketplace, upcoming games and some recent news.

This is a new forum for the Ignition team to venture into, so any and all feedback would be appreciated. There are podcast’s on loads of different subjects and several on the Xbox 360 alone. So what makes this one any different? The Ignition team pride themselves on being honest and not being biased towards any game. The opinions expressed in the podcast will always be the truth as they see it and will never be swayed by any outside source.

A few sound issues and Matt tends to say “err” and “umm” a number of time but other than that, it sounds pretty good. Future episodes will sound better!

So check out the new Ignition podcast and enjoy!

Check it out here. :D


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2 Responses to First Ignition podcast is now available

  1. Matt says:

    I listened and didn’t like it that much.. It was quite all over the place sadly.


  2. carocat says:

    Yeah, it was only their first one, so have a little faith really. ;)


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