Oblivion video

Looking round at YouTube I came accross this video. It’s well edited and has a few nice conversation bits. Whoever hasn’t played Oblivion should really give it a go. :D


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20 Responses to Oblivion video

  1. Sarah says:

    Sieht gut aus! :D


  2. carocat says:

    Es sieht nicht nur gut aus, es ist auch gut. ;)


  3. mrkniceguy says:

    This game rulez! I have a few hundred hours logged and am still going strong. PLAY IT!!!


  4. carocat says:

    I know, it’s an amazing game. I’m about 140 hours in and only maybe halfway into the main storyline. Done millions of sidequests though. :D Love it!


  5. mrkniceguy says:

    it just never gets old!!!! I mean, I’ve got about 150 hours logged and I’m thinking about what I want to do the NEXT time I play through! :)


  6. carocat says:

    Yeah. It is just so big and so much to do….


  7. Sha says:

    Lol. My copy of Morrowind is my friend’s old copy as she’s getting Oblivion and doesn’t want it anymore :D


  8. carocat says:

    I never really liked Morrowind, but Oblivion is amazing. Lucky you though!


  9. Sha says:

    I know lol. I’m hooked, the bad side effect though.


  10. Cat says:

    Well, being hooked is not necessarily a bad thing. Didn’t you say somethign about having a few days off?


  11. Sha says:

    Easter for revision for AS levels.


  12. Cat says:

    Ah well, who cares about revision? :P

    Just have a few days of playing the game. :)


  13. Sha says:

    Lol. Could designate the weekend for “relaxing”


  14. Cat says:

    That sounds like a very good idea and it’ll mean you’re refreshed enough to study!


  15. Sha says:

    Yep! And it might stop me from procrastinating so much. How are you meant to pick pocket someone in morrowind without them noticing you? I’m still stuck on that part lol.


  16. Cat says:

    Hehe, true.

    I never bothered too much with pickpocketing to be honest. I always ended up getting caught and most people don’t have anything good anyway.


  17. Sha says:

    I’m meant to get a key from someone for the thief’s guild, hence the pickpocketing. Just I keep getting caught every time and dying. Rather fun actually.


  18. Cat says:

    Hmm, strange. There are normally several ways of doing a mission. Maybe the person with the key is asleep at one point or you can just kill him?


  19. Sha says:

    I know the person to get the key off, but am not sure how to get it off him. Bribing hasn’t worked, persuation hasn’t worked. I can’t kill him because there are plenty of guards roaming the place. The mission is in Balmora, wher you have to take the key from the the servant in the council house.


  20. Cat says:

    I don’t really remember much of Morrowind. I got bored in it quite a lot and I had many, many other games to play at the time.

    Unless you tell me more where you are, I can’t really find it in an walkthrough eitehr. :P What is the mission called?


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