XL tickets selling fast.

With the announcement of F.E.A.R. and Gears of War, XL tickets are selling out fast. Now I know that some of you aren’t too sure whether or not they want to go. Well, better make your mind up soon. ;)

Head over to Matchbox360 and book your tickets. :P


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14 Responses to XL tickets selling fast.

  1. Matt says:

    I really want to go.. just don’t have the cash to fly over.. :(


  2. carocat says:

    That’s no excuse. :P Get yourself on a plane and come over!

    Btw, the next time you comment on my blog, you might want to change your Link to http://themediamonster.blogspot.com/ . ;)

    And before you ask, I’ll post on there at some point. :)


  3. Matt says:

    Maybe next year I’ll go if I have the cash :D

    Yeah.. I thought I already did but I must have changed it and then not commented after the change.


  4. carocat says:

    Next year? That long? Tsk tsk tsk. :P


  5. Matt says:

    Well is there another one sooner?


  6. carocat says:

    Next one is next year, probably. But surely you don’t want to be missing out on GoW? :P

    Only messing with you…


  7. Matt says:

    If I had the money I’d go, I just don’t :(

    They’ll probably play Gears next year anyway..


  8. carocat says:

    Oh well. :( No one on 360M seems really interested. You seen my post on there?


  9. carocat says:

    Well, you did now. ;)


  10. Matt says:

    Oh.. yeah. I remember seeing it but never read it, that’s me caring, just so you know :D

    I always ignore things I care about :D


  11. carocat says:

    That’s just not good enough…. :P

    Not only are you not going to go to XL, but you’re also not reading my post? Shame on you. ;)


  12. Matt says:

    I just care too much, I guess. :)

    Fuzzy hit me for both of those things, if that makes you feel any better.


  13. carocat says:

    Meh, still rubbish, but ok… :P


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