“Wow, if my net was going any slower it’d be going backwards”

Some of you have asked my why I’ve been having that in my msn personal message. Well, with Adam back and us downloading about 2 GB a day (Andrew and I only manage 1.5GB on our own), we’ve now seriously exceeded our allowance and Plusnet have capped us. It isn’t helped by the fact that Adam is still downloading (whilst telling us he really isn’t), but playing Xbl is nearly impossible.

We’re going to get the other line activated at some point this year and it should be easier from then on. I can only hope…


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9 Responses to “Wow, if my net was going any slower it’d be going backwards”

  1. solelyshe says:

    Your title made me smile. Thank you!


  2. carocat says:

    Thank you very much and you’re welcome. :)


  3. Matt says:

    Yep.. that title made me chuckle too.

    I can’t believe your net has a cap.. that seriously sucks. I download game demos every day and never get capped.


  4. carocat says:

    Why thank you. :D

    Yeah, welcome to the UK. Most ISP’s have some sort of capping going on. But we’ve never been capped before. Let me tell you, it really sucks. :(


  5. Matt says:

    What exactly would happen if your net started going backwards….?


  6. carocat says:

    I don’t know. But seriously, some webpages take forever to load. It’s definitely not fun. I suppose going backwards would mean that I can’t so anything…. :(


  7. Sarah says:

    Haha, dann kannst du ja auch endlich mal mein Problem verstehen. :(


  8. carocat says:

    Ja, ich weiss. Es macht keinen Spass. :(


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