Why can’t Monopoly money be real money?

I was playing Monopoly with my housemates earlier on today and it was the most fun we had in ages. I’d forgotten how much fun boardgames are.

Needless to say I won the game by miles, although I had a really bad start. Once I gained the first 2 streets though I managed to build hotels on them and the game was almost over. Especially when I managed to but Park Lane and Mayfair from each of my housemates and built three houses each on there.

I love Monopoly, I just wish I had more luck in life with making and keeping money…. :D


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4 Responses to Why can’t Monopoly money be real money?

  1. ish says:

    Monopoly is fun but LIFE is better! Oh if it wasn’t for all these studies and computer games,I’d still be playing the good old Snakes and Ladders ;)


  2. carocat says:

    Oh yeah, life is better. It’s just been so long since I played it, I’d almost forgotten the rules. My housemates also bought the ‘Rummy cup’ the othre day, so we might be playing that today. :)

    I think I just like to spend time with them every now and then. We’re all working different hours (or not at all, like me) and we’re not always in the house at the same time.


  3. Wanda L. says:

    Ha! Well, I think Monopoly money is almost as good as the real thing http://makemorehavemore.blogspot.com/2007/01/ten-ways-to-use-monopoly-money-almost.html, but I must admit that “almost” is pretty important. . . maybe you could become a pro-Monopoly player and shark people out of their cash in Vegas ;)




  4. carocat says:

    Hi Wanda, thanks for stopping by.

    I do like the idea of being a ‘Pro Monopoly player’. Might have to look into that career. :D

    I liked your post, especially point 5, to simply play the game. ;)


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