Save the vowels!


Matt, I just had to steal it for here. This pretty much sums up how much text speak annoys me. Fair enough if it is used in actual text messages, but it shouldn’t be used in emails/forums or msn.

So, let’s create/join the ‘Save the vowels‘ movement. :)


I don’t know the creator of the banner, so I can’t give any credit. If anyone does know him or her, please let me know.

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37 Responses to Save the vowels!

  1. Matt says:

    Haha, yeah!

    We really should make this a movement.

    Save the poor little vowels from extinction!


  2. carocat says:

    Yep, the txt speak has become a lot more annoying lately. Why can’t people just write things normally?


  3. Matt says:

    Because they want to do things fast and don’t care if people can understand them.


  4. carocat says:

    Yeah, but surely that defeats the whole point of posting on forums? Why would you want to make a post not caring if anyone understands you? :P


  5. Stew says:

    I never use text speak, my text messages are always properly punctuated and capitalized, its more awkward now to use txt spk because of the excellent predictive text systems in all the phones now.


  6. carocat says:

    Finally someone who agrees with me on predictive text. I can’t text without it any more.

    But I can understand people that don’t use it and that use txt speak to abbreviate it. Just about anyway.


  7. Gradinator says:

    Since the worst culperates arn’t going to be found here or on forums (they fail to know how to use one) I have one thing to say.

    Innit i’m wth u all da way


  8. carocat says:

    Well, I find the ones I see on forums already bad enough. And they really, really annoy me.

    And don’t come on my blog again with that kind of typing. ;)


  9. Collin says:

    That’s an awesome banner!

    Can I join the movement and steal the banner please? Obviously, appropriate back-linking would be set in place.

    Alternatively I would happily start an official “movement” and invite for joining all those that I steal the idea from.

    thx. ;)

    Sorry, had to be done! I hate it that much that I even ranted about it in my “About” page!

    All the best



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  11. carocat says:

    Why thank you. :)

    I’m afraid neither Matt or myself can take credit for that. We both frequent many internet forums (one is even the same!) and Matt came accross the banner somewhere, placed it as his signature and I just thought it was too good to pass by.

    So after a discussion on msn we made the posts on 2 forums and got varied responses. Everyone who uses txt spk has no problem with it and everyone else is really, really annoyed with it.

    I really do want to create this movement. The English language needs to be saved. Kids don’t know what they’re doing. Any suggestions?

    Cat. :D


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  14. LetterX says:

    This banner is nice, because I have been typing like this since I first started typing. Too bad we don’t know the creator of the banner, that would be nice to know.

    By the way, I am with this “Movement” all the way!


  15. Cat says:

    Yeah, I’ve tried finding the creator, but I have no idea where I could find him or her. Many places on the internet are now linking back to me when they were also looking for the banner.


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  19. Aviatrix says:

    My co-workers and I all communicate by text messages and everyone uses complete sentences with good spelling and punctuation.

    I sometimes send messages with missing words and abbreviations like “Taking off. Back four hrs.” but realize that such messages are sent while I’m actually in command of an airplane, and perhaps you will forgive me. (I can use electronic devices on board with the captain’s permission, and yay, I’m the captain.)


  20. Cat says:

    Hey Aviatrix and thanks for stopping by.

    So you use your electronic devices with your own permission? ;)

    The occasional abbreviation I don’t mind, it’s more the constant shortening of words and completely changing the language that gets to me.


  21. Anonymous says:

    I agree, but there is nothing worse than hypocrisy. I’ve seen other versions of this banner featuring poor grammar and I ask this: “If you are going to make a banner, please spell check it, and remember that the word “don’t” contains an apostrophe”.

    I don’t pull out my hair when I see bad grammar because I am not an idiot. When they are using IM programs they are not illiterate, they are saving time.

    However it is a different matter when they are writing an e-mail or a letter.


  22. Cat says:

    I think there isn’t much difference to using IM, commenting somewhere or
    writing a letter. All should use full words or good grammar.

    Of course there are exceptions, everyone’s mispelled a word accidentally


  23. lolcat says:

    txt speek b antiquated, lol speek will b teh knew laingewj!!! muwahahhaha. I has hamberger nao, is taystea :3. baibai


  24. Cat says:

    Aren’t you the funny one?


  25. Jamie Oliver says:

    I defiantly have to agree, I hate text speak with a passion and I think it is just pure lazy. I can understand the use in text messages, but it doesn’t make it any less annoying. What is more annoying is when people replace letters entirely to just reduce entering an extra character, or even when it doesn’t reduce them at all. Numbers in words are again just as annoying. Why do people make themselves look less intelligent by doing so anyway? Especially in forum posts and the like.

    The only place where I don’t mind it being used is when gaming, as you can’t help abbreviating words when you are being shot at =]


  26. Cat says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Jamie. :)

    Out of interest, do you get a lot of problems with your name and either confusion or jokes about the cook?!


  27. Jamie Oliver says:

    Haha, yup – but I get used to it =] I find it rather amusing really.


  28. Cat says:

    Haha, fair enough! I suppose it’s always good for a cheesy introduction! ;)


  29. Jamie Oliver says:

    Yeah, exactly – it’s a good icebreaker, and ensures that no one forgets my name =P


  30. Cat says:


    I’ve seen on your blog that you play games, do you only have a Wii and a PC?


  31. Jamie Oliver says:

    Yeah, I’m a big PC gamer and have a pretty decent spec’d PC to show for it =] And I treated myself to a Wii last year, growing up playing on Mario and Zelda has made me an addict. Plus I do collect old retro consoles also, including a SNES, N64, Sega MultiMega, Sega GameGear, PS1 and PS2 – I don’t play on them much though, just for collection purposes. Plus, my trusted Nintendo DS =]

    Looking by your blog you’re quite a large Xbox360 player?


  32. Cat says:

    Ah, I only got into gaming six or so years ago on the Xbox 1, so the 360 was a natural progression.

    I’ve never had all the emotional attachement to all the games everyone else played, like Zelda, Mario, Final Fantasy and all that! ;)

    These are my favourite Xbox 1 games, maybe you’ve played some on the PC?

    One day I’ll make that list for the 360 games!


  33. Jamie Oliver says:

    Emotional attachment isn’t necessarily a good thing anyway =]

    I see one of your favourite games is Deus Ex Invisible War, have you played the original Deus Ex? I played a demo of the second one and didn’t think it came close to the original, but I’ll have to give it another go. The original is an amazing game, you should definitely get it.


  34. Cat says:

    The problem is that I only have a laptop [no mouse/proper keyboard]. I did attempt playing Deus Ex on the Playstation2 [hated the controls!] and then on my laptop with a 360 controller. I liked it, but couldn’t really get into it.

    I have heard many good things about it though.

    As for DE 2, I liked it for the first 75% of the game, the story is quite good and I liked the ability to pretty much choose the gameplay.

    One day I’ll try it again!


  35. Jamie Oliver says:

    Yeah, you defiantly should. You can get it for a fiver nowadays, and it should run on pretty much any computer. You’ll have to get a mouse =]

    And I should give the second one another chance too. They are currently working on a new third game: – it sounds awesome.

    And it has been great talking to you on here =]


  36. Cat says:

    Haha, well, I just bought some PC games the other day, so yes, will have to find a mouse!

    Not too convince about Deus Ex 3 yet, it’ll be set before the first game and I’m never too excited about prequels.

    And yes, it definitely has been! :)


  37. Definitely, I’m supporting this movement too!


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