Gamertag change? Need help….

I’ve been thinking of changing my Gamertag lately as ‘Fear the CAT’ is fairly random compared to my name (Cat) and my nickname (carocat). ‘Carocat’ is taken (by some South Korean guy apparently) and has been taken ever since I created the account.

Now the name I am looking for doesn’t have any numbers, no letters like x or o before or after the word and it should be ‘Cat’ related. It also can only be 15 characters including spaces.

Any suggestions anyone?


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14 Responses to Gamertag change? Need help….

  1. Matt says:

    Cat Squared?
    Carocat Squared?
    Cat in the hat? :p

    Personally, I like Fear the CAT a lot. I wouldn’t change it.


  2. carocat says:

    Where does the ‘squared’ bit come from?

    I used to like fear the CAT, but lately I’ve just been getting annoyed with it. :(


  3. ish says:

    Bell the Cat :P

    or maybe err..can’t think of anything.


  4. carocat says:

    I was considering ‘carocat uk’. Thoughts? :)


  5. ish says:

    that’s cool.Fear the CAT is better but since you don’t like it any longer so carocat uk is cool


  6. carocat says:

    Well, I do stil like it, but I like to keep everything the same and carocat and Fear the CAT are so different. I don’t know….


  7. Matt says:

    But they both involve Cats.. which is more what people call you by then Carocat?

    And carocat and carocat uk is still not keeping everything the same.. :s


  8. Matt - zyber says:

    I wouldn’t go with carocat uk if i were you, you know what americans are like on live.

    “Are you from the UK?”
    “Well actually i’m from Germany.”
    “British people are gay!”
    “But i’m from Germany.”
    “People from the Uk are gay too.”

    And so on. I do like fear the cat as randomness is cool but that doesn’t seem random to me. What about thunderCAT? Probly taken.


  9. carocat says:

    Fear the CAT doesn’t seem random to you?

    Yeah, I’ve had all those things said on Xbl before, but at the end of the day I only play with friends these days, so that kind of eliminates all that.


  10. ish says:

    Matt’s got a good point there actually.I know that cause I’ve had loads of that.They keep calling us terrorists cause we are Indian :D

    Nevermind though,because you always play with friends.


  11. carocat says:

    Yeah, I had enough of playing with randomers, because of all the hassle I got. So I’ve decided to only play with people on my Friends List and it works. :)


  12. kris says:

    How about PUSSYCAT?


  13. hey dude if ya want u can join my clan and have ur name as RzR C4t Scr4tCh

    or RzR c4r0 c4T Uk or anyfin else


  14. nacho says:



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