Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Now I love the Harry Potter books, especially the later ones and yes, I have been out in the middle of the night to get them when they were released. Yes, you can all call me mad and sad. :P

None of the films really had me impressed so far and I didn’t even see the last one at the cinema and just waited for the DVD to come out which my lovely housemates bought on release. :)

The only thing I like about the films is the music, composed by the brilliant John Williams who is also the composer for Star Wars, Jaws, Indiana Jones, Saving Private Ryan and many, many others.

Watching the trailer for ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’; well, it looks like they cut out even more from the books. What do you think?


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17 Responses to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  1. Matt says:

    I think Daniel seriously butchered his hair.

    It was WAY cooler the other way, he looks horrid. I think I might skip this in theaters just because of that..


  2. carocat says:

    You wouldn’t go and see it because of the hair? That’s a bit drastic…. I don’t like the hair either.

    The ‘Order of the Phoenis’ is my second most favourite Harry Potter Book and it looks like they cut way too much out again. That’s been my problem with all of the Harry Potter films so far.


  3. ish says:

    I liked the long hair too.Harry looked much more mature with it because that’s the need of the hour in this movie as Sirius has to die.

    Order of the Phoenix and was my second least favorite because Sirius died.The last two books have been signalling the end which I certainly don’t want.J.K. Rowling can still go around writing a few more books.There’s no need for it to end so soon.

    Yeah a lot of things are missing in the movies but not much can be done about that cause the books are getting huger but the time duration for the movies is the same.I think they could start a series or something on any of the movie channels and make episodes so it could last like 3-4 years or something


  4. carocat says:

    I kind of just don’t like the hairstyle, but the length is ok. He did look a lot more mature, I have to admit. At the end of the day we only saw a few extracts of him, so there may be more haircuts. ;)

    I liked the ‘Order of the Phoenix’ as it was the first one with a really dark storyline. Sure, the Goblet of fire introduced Lord Voldemort, but the Order of the Phoenix carried it on and added the suspense of not knowing what is going on, Professor Umbridge, Dumbledore’s Army, etc. The end, well I wasn’t impressed with that. Sure, Sirius death is tragic, but I never really liked him that much anyway. I much more prefer Prof Lupin. :)

    That would be a great idea making it into a series, but then again, I think I am so used to this cast and location that I don’t think I’d like anyone else playing Harry, Ron or Hermione. I do understand that they had to cut it, but it’s still a shame.

    It’s also a shame that it will end after this book, but it is probably better that she ends it now, instead of dragging it on and running out of stories. I will miss it, but she might write spin-off stories. Like what happened to other people from Hogwards after the last book or so.


  5. ish says:

    Yeah she already has many parallel series running about Quidditch and all I heard.We’ll see what becomes of that.

    Yeah she had to end it anyway otherwise it’d become boring and maybe she has no more place to store the money she’s earning! Harry Potter books and movies have been a major saving grace for many people.Bloomsbury was nothing before Potter happened.It’s made J.K. Rowling the richest author and Daniel Radcliffe the richest kid.What else could anyone ask for?

    Yeah,Dolores Umbridge is something I wanna see too.I wanna see if they can manage to actually make her as unlikeable as she is in the book.I think the movies will help people understand the books coming up too because you can visualize everything that’s happening and that way,it’s much more exciting.One could have created a movie in his/her mind while reading the book.The movie after Order of Phoenix will be even more sad cause Dumbledore’s gonna die too.Atleast she could’ve let him live but I guess that wouldn’t have created such an urge to read the next book.Now everyone wants to know what will happen in the last book.It’s gonna be real big and if it weren’t for people illegaly photocopying,scanning the book and putting it on the internet for download,J.K. Rowling would probably have been twice as rich as she is now.


  6. carocat says:

    Exactly, because of that I think Harry Potter will continue somehow.

    Dolores Umbridge, she has to be really, really evil and the film has to somehow include the desperation that the book had. No way out, nothing is allowed….

    You see, I don’t think Dumbledore really died. There are a few bits regarding his ‘death’ and the funeral that don’t add up and pretending he dies is the best thing that could’ve happened. Voldemort is now under the impression that the only wizard that could defeat him is gone. That way Harry and the remaining members of the Order of the Phoenix have a secret weapon that allows them to defeat him.

    JK Rowling also said in interviews years ago that one of the major characters will die at the end of the last book. Who do you think it’s going to be?


  7. ish says:

    Ohh well thought! I think I’m gonna have to go through the funeral part again.Actually now that you’ve said it,there wasn’t as much as sorrow as there should be on Dumbledore’s death.He might still be there and after all it’s not only the Dark Lord who knows his acting.

    There’s another reason to wait for the next book now!


  8. carocat says:

    Well, there is this bit in the funeral where Harry looks up and he thinks he may have been able to see a gold shimmer rising up from the flames which looked like Fawkes. Now we know that Fawkes can carry Dumbledore and Dumbledore is a good enough wizard to pretend he is dead and get the flames to not hurt him.

    It’s just a theory though, but that was my thought when I read it. I do hope it’s true. :)


  9. Matt says:

    ‘JK said that 2 main characters will die, not one.. :-(


  10. carocat says:

    Two of them? really? I haven’t heard that one before.

    I’m thinking that Harry will definitely die, because of the link and whatever not he has with Voldemort. Voldemort will be defeated/killed at the end and that will kill Harry as well.

    If it’s two characters, well, maybe it’s Hermione? Argh, I just want to read the book. Anyone know when it’s coming out?


  11. Matt says:

    Couldn’t the two be Voldemort and Harry?

    And I’m guessing this summer.. she usually does them then


  12. carocat says:

    This summer? The last one only came out 1 1/2 years ago, but I suppose she’s been keeping to her biannual release so far. Maybe she’ll stretch it this time though to create more hype. I’d do it if I was her. She knows the book is going to sell.


  13. carocat says:

    And yeah, I suppose it could be Voldemort, although I remember her saying that it was from the 3 main characters and I think we all know that Voldemort is going to die….


  14. ish says:

    Okay I heard she was gonna release the book next September on the Seventh cause it’d be like 7/7/07.I don’t know if there’s any truth in that but a friend of mine told me that.

    Harry and Voldemort are gonna die yeah cause they’re supposed to be interconnected and as soon as Voldemort finishes,Harry will too.I don’t have a clue who the other character could be.I don’t think they’d kill Hermoine.She and Ron would be shown going around perhaps.Maybe Ginny? but anyway she’s not that main a character and her fling with Harry was uhh so aweful,but nevermind.I’m wondering if they’re really gonna show all the smooches the 6th part had.They could be planning to kill one the Weasley’s maybe.


  15. carocat says:

    That would be good, I’d love the book to come out next year.

    They could be killing one of the Weasleys, I suppose, although it would be a shame. :(

    I don’t think they’re going to show that from the 6th part. It’ll probably get the cut aswell.

    This topic has made me want to reread the books. So much to do, so little time….


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  17. Reema says:

    HP movies really dont do justice to the book but they cant make long movies like bollywood so its ok. I hear the last one is being made into 2 movies.


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