Thanks to all of you!


Well, at the time of writing this, I’ve had 10130 views. Here are some more stats:

Total Views: 10130

Best Day Ever: 739

Views today: 624

Most viewed post: ‘Save the Vowels!’ – My view

Posts: 114

Comments: 486

Tags: 20

Themes used: Fauna, Andreas09 and Unsleepable.

Spam comments caught by Akismet: 179

Spam comments I had to moderate: 2

I’ve started this blog on September the 4th and it is the first blog that I actually update regularly, pretty much every day and on some days more than one post. I think the main reason I’ve updated this so much is because people actually seem to be reading it. And is so intuitive with a great support forum.

So thanks to all you guys and girls! :D


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29 Responses to Thanks to all of you!

  1. Zee says:

    Congrats, and nice stats!

    I’m currently playing around with a WP install, and I’m liking it a little more every day. :)


  2. carocat says:

    Thank you very much. I’m impressed I get this many hits, you know. :)

    I want to host my blog myself one day, but until then I like

    Are you finding it complicated?


  3. Gradinator says:

    Well your an intresting person to talk to, but you must have came to that conclusion. Congrads tho it’s an achievement now msn has intergrated into everyones lives.


  4. carocat says:

    Thanks, but what does msn have to do with reaching 10,000 pageviews on my blog? ;)


  5. ish says:

    Congratulations on your 10,000 hits Cat!

    It’s an excellent feeling isn’t it? :D
    I wish you a billion more hits and keep writing always cause there’s people reading you and having a laugh or atleast a smile and that’s worth a lot.Looking forward to see “Cat’s blog” on the top of WordPress’ most popular blogs list.I’m sure you’re gonna kick Scobleizer’s arse soon.


  6. carocat says:

    Thank you very much. :D

    I don’t think I’ll get close to Scobleizer or //engtech any time soon, but I’ll sure keep writing. :)


  7. ish says:

    I still don’t know why Scobleizer gets so many hits.He’s quite useless with his reviews.I actually download all the softwares he doesn’t recommend :D


  8. carocat says:

    Haha, I just read his blog every now and then, but I don’t really agree with his opinions.

    I like //engtech though. It’s a nice mixture of topics he blogs about.


  9. carol says:

    Congrats Cat!
    You should create also an account on and add some of your entries there.
    SU users are really into reading the content so you should give it a try.


  10. carocat says:

    Ah, I never did thankyou for that, sorry. Thanks for submitting my blog there, my hits simply rocketed.

    I was away at that time, I remember looking on the site…. Hmm, I really should sign up.

    Thanks again. :D


  11. Matt says:

    Congrats at the awesome stats, Cat!

    And weee. My net is fixed!


  12. carocat says:

    Thankyou. And mine is getting worse and worse. :(


  13. Matt says:

    Aww. You really should switch or something if it’s been this long without it..

    And I just looked at Clustrmap and saw that you’ve gotten hits from Iceland, some island in the Indian ocean, and Africa.. wow, wow wow.


  14. carocat says:

    Well, it’s most likely the exchange in which case the only alternative would be to move house and that is not an option.

    Yeah, I think that random island is the Easter Island. I’m not sure though.


  15. Gradinator says:

    My point is with msn theres no need for blogs, I find nobody needs to post on the ignition forums as everybody has the admins msn.

    So making so many hits when people could just say or tell on msn is an even bigger achievement.


  16. ish says:

    That island is somewhere close to an island called Mauritius which is a popular holiday spot.

    I think they’re an island called “Reunion” which is supposed to be a French Colony.It’s either Mauritius or Reunion.


  17. carocat says:

    @ Gradinator: I completely disagree. I practically live on msn, but there are so many different people on there, like friends from Germany, friends that have gone abroad, friends from the UK, people I used to work with, etc. I don’t talk to most of them in weeks, infact these days I have maybe 5 people that I talk to every day in addition to everyone else that constantly bugs me. ;)

    My blog is different to that. My blog is about things that annoy me, funny videos, etc. I don’t go on msn sending everyone links to funny videos, I post them on here. Why? Because it annoys me when people send me really random links, unless I’m already in a convo with them. And as I said there are only 5 regulars that I talk to every day.

    The blog gives people the chance to watch the videos at there own time.

    In addition, I like the blogging community. There are a few people that comment on here that have just radomly stumbled accross my blog.

    My question though is, if you find blogs so pointsless, why did you bother making one for Ignition? :P (Oh and I agree with the Ignition forums being pointless, as there is no one registered but staff. But if you were to argue that, what is the point of Matchbox and Killarapps?

    @ Ish: That island is close to Mauritius? I though Mauritius was closer to India and not so close to Madagascar. Might have to have a look for it. This has been bugging me for a bit now. :D


  18. ish says:

    Yeah,it’s closer to Mauritius.I did some Google-ing and compared it with your “visitor locations” map and as far as my geography goes,it’s close to Madagascar and I think it is Mauritius because I don’t thing the other island has internet access.Haven’t heard of it much but Mauritius is a popular one.

    Go check the maps Here,Here and Here


  19. carocat says:

    Oh dear, I believe that shows just how long I haven’t been at school. I really though Mauritius was somewhere else. I think I might need to refresh my geography knowledge.

    Hmm, it could be Mauritius, although comparing all of them it could be reunion. Poor them if they don’t have internet access. I don’t think I could live without it.

    Oh yeah, and I know I said earlier it could be the Easter islands, well it turns out that I was very far away from that as well. They are between South America and Brazil…. Ooops.

    Thank you for having a look. :D


  20. ish says:

    LOL Brazil,India and South America :D It’s like way too far!

    I was always bad at geography too but wasting my time with Google Earth helped a lot :P


  21. carocat says:

    No, it’s not ‘wasting’, it’s learning. You just need to know how to phrase things. ;)


  22. ish says:

    yeah “Learning”

    I need to take Phrasing classes from Cat :P


  23. carocat says:

    Hehe, always glad to help. Apparently I’m quite good in phrasing things the way I like them. ;)


  24. Gradinator says:

    Sorry, I said most peoples blogs are pointless due to msn. Since you have friends from all areas it’s different.

    As for killarapps, thats a clan site / movie site or will be when GOW sorts itself out :)


  25. carocat says:

    You don’t have to say you’re sorry, I was just arguing your point. And the way I understand your argument is that it’s pointless to have something apart from msn, that also includes forums. ;)


  26. Gradinator says:

    Yes, that’s why we arn’t worried the forums are so inactive.


    I was saying sorry as in for the lateness of my reply ;)


  27. carocat says:

    Well, so again, what’s the point of them? Why not give up Killarapps?


  28. Gradinator says:

    We haven’t started yet :)

    I’ll focus on it once I realise my Wii isn’t new anymore.


  29. carocat says:

    Fair play. Good Luck to you guys then.


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