Quote that made my day!

Well, I’ve on the Xbox.com forums today to find some information regarding cancelling my Xbl account (long story) when I came accross a thread in which someone was asking where all the girls are on Xbl. Obviously I couldn’t resist and had a look.

Another guy almost immediately replied to the original post with this quality post:

There’s no such thing as Girls on the internet, they’re either 8 year old boys, or fat 40 year old male plumbers.

Well, he is obviously wrong, but nevertheless, that is what I am going to reply when someone on Xbl asks me, “Are you a girl?” :D


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14 Responses to Quote that made my day!

  1. ish says:

    Hahahaha that’s actually quite true! There are a lot of fakes around :-s


  2. carocat says:

    I can’t wait to use that phrase though. :D


  3. ish says:

    Hahaha.I pity the person you’re gonna use it on cause they’re gonna be like..uh what?!


  4. Ashish C. says:

    There are lots of fake “girls” on IM’s actually so thats why the person said that. I hope its not me you’re gonna use on. :D


  5. Ashish C. says:

    There are lots of fake “girls” on IM’s & stuff actually so thats why the person probably said that. I hope its not me you’re gonna use on. :D


  6. Ashish C. says:

    oh sorry bout the double comments. Guess I should read before pressing enter and then stopping midway to edit… :)


  7. carocat says:

    It is going to be so much fun saying it. :D I shall let you know what happened.

    But yeah, triple comment. :P And I really am a girl. Ask everyone I’ve played on Xbl with. ;)


  8. Sha says:

    I love that comment…made me laugh. Do let us know what has happened.


  9. Ton says:

    Yep, Cat is a girl or a guy with a very high pitched voice.

    But this guy obviously knows what he’s talking about, I mean, I never would’ve been able to come up with such obvious logic!

    Now the question is, which of those two are you.. :)


  10. carocat says:

    Haha, you have played (one!) game with me before…. You should know….

    Anyone who doubts it, check out the XL video post I made. You can see me in there. :P


  11. Matt says:

    I dunno.. you didn’t sound like a plumber or an eight year old.. And that guy obviously can’t be wrong… I’m very confused now :-s


  12. carocat says:

    Haha, I forgot how easily confused you can be sometimes. :P

    Have some ice cream. ;)


  13. Matt says:

    Ice cream doesn’t solve all your problems you know!

    Like yesterday my cat kept trying to eat my toes and ….. hey look ice cream.


  14. carocat says:

    There we go, told you.


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