I get asked all the time just how it is like speaking another language and which I prefer.

I started learning English at school when I was 10 years old, but I never was able to really speak it until visiting England and then studying a year at a secondary school in England back in 2000. I guess that’s where I learned how to speak it properly. I moved to the UK about 3 1/2 years ago, simply because Germany is very depressed with itself and there are hardly any jobs around.

And yes, it was very easy with the language. I still have problems with my English these days and my written English is nowhere near as good as I want it to be, but I am getting there. Or so I hope!

My main language these days is English. Sadly enough I am not using my German as much as I probably should and I am finding it extremely difficult writing in German. That is definitely something I need to be improving on in the future. I am not only talking in English, I am also thinking in English which bizarrely means that I am actually translating German into English and vice versa. Strange, considering that German is my native language after all.

Learning another language in Germany is easy, almost everyone starts learning English when they are 10 years old, although there are many children that start even earlier than that. At the age of 12 many move on to the second language which used to be French or Latin, but many schools now offer Italian/Spanish or even Russian.

Would I learn another language? I’d love to. I’ve been wanting to learn Japanese for years now, but for some reason I never get round to it. I will one day.

Would I recommend anyone learning another language? Definitely, as you are not just learning the language, but also the culture and commons and I personally find that very interesting.

Anyone who knows any languages will probably agree with me that it can get very confusing. Especially in those half tired moments in which all languages just melt into one and no one knows what you are talking about. Trust me, it happens quite a bit to me. ;)

Macht’s gut! (Bye in German!)


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25 Responses to Languages

  1. Sha says:

    Oh wow…I’m sadly not a language person..happily dropped french now that I don’t need it anymore.


  2. ish says:

    Arre tumko Hindi seekhni chahiye Billi!

    Now go Google what that means :P

    Actually forget it.It means that Cat!,you should start learning Hindi(India’s national Language)

    And I don’t know Japanese,but I know some nice little Chinese swearings!

    How about “Cao the Cao-ing Cao-ers”

    Cao means f**k :D :P


  3. carocat says:

    Hmmm, Hindi. That seems a bit complex all in all and Japanese culture always had me interested.

    I suppose, I have just always been good with languages, Sha. I’m not good with anything else really and I like learning languages and customs. :)


  4. Sha says:

    ~thinks Cat is very lucky~


  5. Ashish C. says:

    Hey ish, should I tell her what you said? :P

    Cat, I know English, Marathi and hindi only. They used to say that if you learn German your English improves and seeing your superb English I think thats true. Yeah, I have a dream to learn as many languages as possible. [Have to converse with my subjects you know…] Learning Italian right now. Vorrei la colazione completa! Well something like that! :)


  6. Ashish C. says:

    Ish: Does that mean Cao-cao [the chinese noble] meant f**k-f**k ? :P I wouldn’t want that name….


  7. ish says:

    @Ash: I already translated what I had said there.Read it more carefully next time :P

    And I don’t have any idea about Cao-cao.I just found that on a random website which gives you insults in every language and I so very wanted them at that time.


  8. carocat says:

    Insults in every language… Hmmm, what are they going to come up with next? ;)

    @Ahsish: what is Marathi? I could google it, but I only just woke up and I’m too tired. And buongiorno, Ashish, come stai? I can just about speak a bit of Italian.

    @ Sha: I wouldn’t call it lucky, I’m rubbish at everything else. ;)


  9. ish says:

    @Cat: Insults in every language are very essential.If you insult a Chinese guy in Chinese,imagine how good he’ll feel and it hurts much more in the regional language.If it’s a rather dangerous person,then you could insult him in another language.That way,you’d be satisfied that you’ve said the insults and by the time he Googles out what you said to him and sulks,you would have run away.It’s so very useful!

    @Cat from Ashish: Marathi is a regional Indian language.It’s the official language of a state called Maharashtra where I(Ashish) reside.It also has this popular city called Mumbai where the Indian Film Industry is established.If you wanna find out more,go and Google cause I ain’t gonna be too nice to give you the links here.


  10. carocat says:

    Yeah, but what if he conters it in his own language and you haven’t got a clue what he says?

    And thank you for the explanation. :)


  11. Sha says:

    Cat has a point…plus I’m not good at anything but being lazy


  12. carocat says:

    Hehe, I second that!


  13. ish says:

    @Cat: Definately you got a point there.I never though of what I said the other way.Well maybe you should have something like Cheatbook which gives you all the insults? But then again,you won’t be fast enough.

    I surrender at your feet,Cat.


  14. carocat says:

    Haha, you surrender? I like that! :D


  15. Ashish C. says:

    Well ish, billi doesn;t seem very uh… flattering to me! :) Nice explanation of marathi. Cat it is actually one of the many languages from the old devnagiri script. If you google Shivaji you’ll find interesting info on one of the most popular kings of Maharashtra.

    Btw, I should inform you that the worlds best Alphonso mango comes from where I currently live. So if you have eaten a mango, don’t forget to remember me! ;) [Not that I have any hand in it except eating of course]

    Mala mahit aahe ki tumhaala mahit nahi. :D I know that you do not know!

    what if he conters it in his own language
    Just blabber words at him or perhaps just counter in your own language. You could get some very good insults in there that will have him running after your blood.

    For a bit of help with Japanese try:
    Well try Baka *name* next time you encounter a Japanese, Baka = Stupid. :)

    I’ll give you a link next time for Japanese words! :)


  16. Sha says:

    Oo..Japanese insults ~makes a list of them~


  17. carocat says:

    Nah, I’ll think I’ll leave the insults out for now, I’m a nice person. :P

    Best Mango from where you live, I have to remember that next time I eat a Mango and if it isn’t good enough it’s not from near you. ;)

    Thanks for the explanation though. This is what I mean, learning about how people in other countries live. Thank god so many people, like you, speak English, so I don’t have to learn every language out there. ;)


  18. Ashish C. says:

    Oh my English isn’t legible mostly, like last time I was talking to a Nigerian on YIM I kept on telling him I didn’t want to talk to him, yet he kept on telling me that I should use condoms… :D

    I write horribly though. At least the italian i’m learning should be understandable by someone… Grazie!


  19. ish says:

    I don’t like mangoes cause they get messy and you have to wash your hands after eating them which is a curse for a lazy fellow like me.

    Everyone’s had bad experience with Nigerians.I’ve had atleast 2.One of them was trying to make me sponsor his education and the other one was forcing me to buy him a Playstation 2.Ahh,I haven’t seen one logical Nigerian till yet.Don’t get me wrong but it’s just the impression the people of a country leave which destroys it’s image.


  20. carocat says:

    Mangoes are nice, once they are cut into little pieces. I definitely know what you mean by lazy, Ish.

    Bad experiences with Nigerians? I don’t even knoe if I’ve ever met one….


  21. Sha says:

    Never met one either


  22. carocat says:

    Ah well, maybe we will one day. :)


  23. ish says:

    and you’ll regret that day.


  24. Sha says:

    I’m pretty sure there are some nice ones :D


  25. carocat says:

    There must be some nice ones…. You’re too negative. ;)


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