Christmas is definitely near now!

Anyone had a look at my gamercard? It’s got christmas lights now!


I really am impressed how quick time flies by. Christmas day is in a week. And I am still not sure what present to get for my best friend. :( Why does it have to be so commercialised?


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9 Responses to Christmas is definitely near now!

  1. Ashish C. says:

    How bout one of those “Save the Vowels” T-shirts? Ask me for the link if you wanna see….


  2. carocat says:

    Haha, don’t think she’d like that.


  3. Sha says: like :D


  4. ish says:

    I noticed those Christmas lights on your gamer card long back.They look pretty cool.

    I’d give my friend some Chocolates,a photo frame with a very cool photo of ours cause I think the gift you give to somebody should be very special and customized.It’s very sweet that way.I’d also give him/her a CD with a collection of his/her favorite songs.So you can do it cheap and nice that way.Aiight,I know I don’t have the money to do that even :P


  5. Sha says:

    Oh like Ish said..something hand made..will make him/her feel very much appreciated.


  6. mrkniceguy says:

    Yeah, I made beer for all my friends and family… something I know they will enjoy and has the magic ingredient. No, not that! … Love!!


  7. Link says:

    Wow, does MS do that automatically or is that a MGC one? Because it looks freaking sweet.

    Yeah, I was just thinking I was going to make some plans to go out this weekend when I realized IT’S CHRISTMAS.

    It seriously came out of nowhere.

    As for a gift.. something hand-made like everyone else has said is probably best. It’s not expensive and it’s nice.

    Oh, and Ash, I want a STV t-shirt!


  8. Matt says:

    Why did it have my name as Link..? Weird.


  9. carocat says:

    @ Ish: Yeah, chocolate sounds the way to go. She loves chocolate. CD, I have no idea, she likes random music and I haven’t seen her in months (she lives somewhere else).

    @ mrkniceguy: You MADE beer? Yourself? Wow….

    @ Matt: You must not be logged in to You’re linking to the very old blog. ;) And it’s a MGC one, but it still looks way cool. :D I can’t wait for christmas.


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