Lazy day

Had a bit of a lazy day today, infact I didn’t do anything apart from playing Gun all day which I have to say is a brilliant game. It’s the second time I’ve played it (I played the Xbox version last year) and I still like it.

Phoebe is going crazy at the moment. She attacks anything in sight, from paper to my hand and so on. I will have to get her one of those scratching trees soon.

It’s been fairly cold over here aswell. This morning the backgarden was very slippery and Bella fell over a few times. Looks like winter is finally here.

I’ve neglegted my blog today as well. I’ll reply to the comments and emails tomorrow or friday the latest. ;)

Take care,


Music: White Christmas, Bing Crosby

EDIT: I haven’t done the ‘music thing’ in a while. Might have to re-introduce it again. :)

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14 Responses to Lazy day

  1. The rest of the universe thinks says:

    wordpress credit beggar whore


  2. ish says:

    You’re right Cat,you’ve been pretty ignorant yesterday.You didn’t even wish me on my birthday! :(

    Anyway,hope you come back soon and start posting.What is the Music thing all about?


  3. Sha says:

    Have fun Cat! Oo good song!


  4. carol says:

    Get your butt back here!!!


  5. carol says:

    I have to ask you…when will we play UNO? Huh? Huh,


  6. Sha says:

    Oo..Uno? Can I play?


  7. Matt says:

    Good luck getting her to play, Carol :P

    Haha, I’m worse then you, I slept till 5PM today.


  8. Ashish C. says:

    Haha, I’m getting lazy too, don’t surf blogs much, don’t post up as I used to do. Guess its the year end…. :)


  9. Sha says:

    Lazy to blog ~shock gasp~ Actually…I’ve got to the stage where I cannot be bothered to even type long long long posts now…hence the lack of lecture posts.


  10. carocat says:

    @ Ish: Happy birthday. :D Sorry, it was late.

    @ Carol, I’m back! My internet is still dodgy and not good enough to play Xbl. Don’t know when that will be sorted. :(

    @ Sha: Do you have an Xbox 360 and Uno? If so, you are more than welcom to join Carol and me. :D

    @ Matt: Hey, I’ve played Uno with you before. And you are never online. Or when you ask for an invite on Splinter Cell I’m in a room with 6 people. Maybe on R6 at some point? But again, my internet isn’t good enough at the moment.

    @ Ashish: Yeah, I just played too much of that game and tidies/moved stuff in my room. So that’s been keeping me a bit busy.

    @ Sha: It’s more the fact that I had my PC on, but takes so long and with my internet being so slow…. Expect a few longer posts from me though. There are a few games I want to post about, christmas in general and more things. ;)

    And yes, I am back!

    And now to a long tour looking on other peoples blogs. :D


  11. ish says:

    Thanks a lot Cat,and yeah,Welcome Back! We missed you! :D


  12. Matt says:


    Well, yeah, you did. But you’re not on that much lately so I doubt it’ll be that easy to get a game :(

    Yeah, Vegas, definitely.


  13. carol says:

    That’s ok. I will wait.
    Merry Christmas,Cat!!!


  14. carocat says:

    @ Ish: Thanks. Glad to be missed. ;)

    @ Matt: Huh?

    @ Carol: We will one day. :) Merry christmas to you too. :D


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