About Phoebe

Having a pet is a lot more of an commitment then it sounds. You have to make sure they have food, a quiet place to sleep and loads of attention. I knew about all this before getting Phoebe and it’s no problem.

Last night Phoebe was ill. She’s been behaving oddly for a few hours, she seemed in a lot of pain and meowed oddly. Cue one of the most restless nights of my life.

She didn’t do anything really, nothing interested her, she didn’t want food or water, she just lay there. I remembered that she hadn’t been eating all day and got worried. Ended up calling up several 24h vets at about 9pm who all said that it sounded alarming and they suggested that I should go and see them. Problem is the consultation fee after hours is £100 and that is excluding any medication or procedures. All it includes infact is for us to drive there and let the vet take a look at her.

It got later in the evening and I decided to let her outside. She came back about 20 mins later, after just lying in the garden. I gave clear instructions to my housemate who was not to let her outside again. But what does he do? He let’s her outside. Thanks, Adam.

And that was the beginning of a long night. I was waiting for her to come back all night, went out looking for her at 4am and she was nowhere. She came back at 7am, bleeding on the side and completely tired.

After sleeping all day, she is now doing better. She is walking around again, she had a lot of food and it all seems to have gone past. All I needed was a good sleep which I also got all day long and I am about to go back to bed.

Sorry, for the rather random post, but I am (still) tired.

Cat :)

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6 Responses to About Phoebe

  1. Matt - zyber says:

    Aww…im sorry to hear that. My gf had her cat die on her about a year and a half ago and it was really bad for her and i feel bad for you. Hope you cat feels better.


  2. carocat says:

    Thanks, Matt.

    She is doing better now, but she is still hurting a bit.


  3. I’m sorry to hear your cat is doing poorly, however I feel compelled to say that it takes more of a commitment than simply making sure “they have food, a quiet place to sleep and loads of attention.” Having a pet of any sort is making a commitment to ensure their well-being. If you can not finanically deal with a pet’s health care in an appropriate manner, you should not be committing to care for that animal on any level. In other words, unless you have money for not only regular yearly well visits to the vet, but also the funds to pay for emergency care should the need arise, you prolly shouldn’t have a pet.

    The not eating/drinking for hours, listlessness, and signs of obvious pain are clear signs that something’s up. I would call your regular vet and schedule a visit for a check up, even if she seems fine now. You can’t see what’s going on internally, and your vet knows what to look for, and can run labs & do radiographs.

    If money is an issue, most animal hospitals now offer something called “Care Credit,” which basically works like a loan/credit card. You apply for it there at the hospital, it gets approved or disapproved over the phone while you wait, and then for a year it’s interest free while you pay off the balance with monthly payments.

    On another note, what kind of food are you feeding her? Most grocery store brands of cat food aren’t too discriminate about quality, and very often cats can wind up with calcium deposits in their tummies from eating the “cheap” brands of canned wet food. I’ve seen quite a few cats suffering with similar symptoms for that very reason. If you think it may be this, I would suggest switching to a more premium diet, like Nutro or Science Diet-something you can find at your vet’s or the pet store. I’m sure your vet would be happy to suggest several brands of quality diets.

    Hope things are going better today. Please get her to the vet though-it could be anything!

    BTW, just in case your’re wondering, I’ve spent alot of years working as a veterinarian assistant and have pretty much seen it all as far as that goes.



  4. ish says:

    Ohhh hope she gets well soon!


  5. Matt says:

    Wow, terminally, that was a long comment!

    Erm, yeah, I agree with you; Cat, you really should still take her to the vet.. She might still have a problem and it just doesn’t hurt her at the moment. For instance, last year my cat ate something small, and it jammed up her stomach, she was fine some days and lazy as hell the others, not eating or drinking at all. She ended up almost dying and needing $600 surgery…

    Not trying to scare you or anything, but it’s probably not too much to just stop in at the vets and have them check up on her.


  6. carocat says:

    Hey terminallycute, thanks for stopping by.

    The whole post was done after I just gotten up and wasn’t fully awake just yet.

    Whilst I agree with your comment (of course a pet is more than just food), I’m sure you also agree that there are times in which money can be short. If my housemate wouldn’t have let her outside that night I would’ve taken her to the vet that night. Sure, I don’t have that money at the moment, but I have enough friends to borrow it from.

    She is registered with our vet and has just had her vaccinations. I have had a neighbour who is a vet take a look at her and it really just seems that she had something odd to eat, she is back to being herself again.

    With the food it still depends. After having her for now almost 7 months I still haven’t found food she actually likes (apart from the really expensive Whiskas pouches), but she is quite warming up to Arthur’s, although that’s quite hard to get around here. She’s not making it easy for me. :)


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