Apologies to everyone, including myself really. I haven’t been on here in absolutely ages [although I do have a secret sideblog which I’m not going to share just yet, that’s if I’ll ever share it that is!] and I kind of just left it longer and longer and longer.

But fear not, the Cat is back!!!

Right, now that that is over with, what have I been up to, what is new? A few things in no particular order:

  • I have kittens. Well, not me, but Phoebe has four wonderful kitten. More in a later post.
  • I’m still on the search for a new job, but have nevertheless been busy lately. More in a later post.
  • I’ve been arguing too much, still….
  • I’ve been listening to very random music. More later.
  • Adam has moved out.
  • I love my other housemates.
  • I’ve been playing a lot of Xbox 1 games on my 360 lately. Really got hooked on Star Wars Knights of the old Rpublic II.
  • I’ve given up all but two forums for the time being. Feels random to not post as much, but it’s given me a bit of time.

That’s about all that I can think of. Any more questions, feel free to comment and ask away. And yes, I AM BACK!

Love you all,


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5 Responses to I AM BACK!

  1. Ashish C. says:

    Welcome back Cat!!!

    Any more questions, feel free to comment and ask away.
    So is this your second life out of nine? :P

    *runs before Cat comes scratching*


  2. Sha says:

    ~Laughs at Ash.~ Run rabbit run. Sorry…had to type that.

    Welcome back Cat!


  3. Becky says:

    You have been doing a secret blog??!!!111
    Bah humbug I thought you were dead or in prison or something lol. Hmm maybe its a secret blog from Her Majestys Prison. hahaha!

    Seriously though, I missed you, I sent you messages but never any reply, I really thought something was up. But at least you are back now and in good spirit, so alls well that ends well?


  4. Tob3z says:

    Yeh what the Becky lady said. Don’t go off without some warning next time lol.

    Anime FTW! Cheers for the link :)


  5. carocat says:

    @ Ashish: Yeah, this may well be my second blog life out of nine. We’ll never know. ;)

    @ Sha: Thanks a lot. Yeah, let’s go chase him!

    @ Becky: well, not as much of a secret blog, more like taking a little project of mine for five years public. It currently rests in another wp.com blog and can’t be found, nor is it associated with my blog here. It’s just a place to dump it really. And no, I wasn’t in prison. :)

    @ Toby: comeone, you saw me around on CM for a while and after that on MB, oh wait, you don’t go on MB any more. :(

    You’re welcome for the link, that’s where I watch anime on. Great site. You’d know about it if you ever went on to MB! :P


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