Update me….

So, I’ve missed a lot that’s gone on in everyones life. I’ll stop by blogs and everything, but I won’t read 2 months of posts on everyones blog. Sorry. :)

Please update me what I have missed and link me to worthy posts, etc.

Also if you guys have new blogs/projects and such.



[I’ve got comment moderation for links on, so any post containing links won’t show up til I approve it.] :)

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13 Responses to Update me….

  1. Ashish C. says:

    Okay here goes:

    1) Matt started a new blog…. and he disappeared soon as well.
    2) February was mostly boring [for me] until the “Thing” hit me. Was at home for a week.
    3) Had no internet connection for most of the last week.

    Nothing much except I hit 10000 hits sometime in there. :) Of course you must’ve missed scratching me! LOL.


  2. Sha says:


    1) January was mostly about Shilpa Shetty winning big brother plus a few other mems thrown in. Then the snow came and went. Plus I stopped losing things. Go me.

    2) February – Nothing much happened. Just panicking about work experience and I also hit 10,000 hits.

    Hope things are good Cat!


  3. ish says:

    Welcome back Cat!

    You didn’t miss a lot as far as I’m concerned.It was the usual screwed up school stuff and all that shit.Good to have you back.

    Why did you do the vanishing act anyway?


  4. carocat says:

    @ Ashish: Yeah, i’ve seen the blog. I’ll give the slacker a nudge on msn to go back to it. :)

    The thing?

    No internet? I feel your pain.

    Congrats on the 10k. :D And of course I missed it. ;)

    @ Sha: i don’t care much about Big Brother, so I’ll pass on that.

    Work experience? How come you’re panicking?

    It’s all good!

    @Ish: Thanks a lot!

    Well, I kind of played a few games, then I really wanted to play games instead of blog. I then got even more addicted to forums. And time just went by. I realised that I hadn’t looked at other peoples blogs in ages and that there would be so much to catch up on, realised that tehre was so much I wanted to do with my blog that I didn’t have the patience/energy to and this blog had become way too public. My dad is aware of this blog now. Meh….

    I’m back now though.


  5. Sha says:

    Cause I want to do Chem in Uni and still haven’t found a place to do work experience at. I’ve only got till September to find a place before I have to apply. ~Bites nails.~

    On the bright side, do know what uni’s I might apply for.


  6. carocat says:

    When you say you haven’t found a place, do you mean that you haven’t applied yet or that you don’t know where?

    Which unis are those?!


  7. Sha says:

    I’ve applied but the majority of pharamcuticals have turned me down staying that they can’t because secrets might get out. Now have started turning to Unis about work experience. UCL got back to me and said they might have a place, fingers crossed.

    The universites I’m thinking of applying to are UCL, Imperial, Bristol, Sheffield, and Lecister. Apparently they don’t require work experiece but people say you have a better chance of getting in if you do do work experience as there is very much demand, hence the panicking lol.


  8. carocat says:

    Good Luck with that. When are the UCL getting back to you?


  9. Sha says:

    Hopefully tomorrow if not next week. I’m hoping anyways lol.


  10. Cat says:

    Hope it goes well. Let us know. :)


  11. Sha says:

    Will do :D


  12. Matt says:

    Who’s you callin’ slacker!?!?!

    I’m gonna get back to it soon, just felt like taking a break..

    Actually I might make a post tonight!


  13. Cat says:

    I’m calling you a slacker, cos well, you are one. :P


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