Am I the only one to see reality?

I am really, really starting to get annoyed with so many people when it comes to my kittens.

No one seems to understand that there is so much more to it than just having cute kittens. Yes, they are cute, but they will also be living in my small room which is currently full of cables, a double bed and other things.

Not only will I have to feed them, train thema and live with the fact that there are five cats in my room instead of one, but I have to rearrange my room and move stuff into the garage. And it’s not like I can sleep anywhere else or have them outside my room. My housemates still have dogs and after all, this is my room, I can’t just live elsewhere.

Yet everyone always just says ‘Aww, isn’t this cute, aren’t you the happiest person in the world?’.

Yes, I am happy, I love the kittens, but forgive me for also seeing the reality….


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2 Responses to Am I the only one to see reality?

  1. BIG D 04 says:

    I told you stick them in a Bag with a Brick and throw them in the River, I won’t tell anyone.


  2. Cat says:

    Nah, that’s not gonna happen….


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