The PS3 finally launched in Europe and so far it seems to be selling quite well. According to some analysts, it’s selling better than the 360 did at launch. There are many places where they haven’t sold out though.

Sony have done several release stunts, including giving away free TV’s, however something that seems to have received more attention are Microsoft stunts.

Free beer:
Microsoft delivered £146 worth of Fosters beer to the offices of ComputerandVideogames.com with the following note attached:

“What would you purchase for £146…? (The price difference between an Xbox 360 and a PlayStaion 3) Well, for a start we thought you might like £146 worth of beer to kick start your weekend early.”

The Xbox360 boat:
In Paris, France, Microsoft hired a boat and went up and down the Seine, past the PS3 launchparty.

Chairs and a website:
At a store in London, Microsoft gave chairs to all those that queued up to buy a PS3. These chairs had the an URL to a website which displays:

“Xbox welcomes PS3 to the next generation. Sony … you’re late! Let the games begin.”

In addition to those major events, there are also a series of unconfirmed further incidents, such as more beer deliveries, text messages wishing everyone a good night and Microsoft employees interrupting another launchevent by standing on rooftops with whistles.

This is almost a year and a half onwards from the Xbox360 launch which was worldwide. Whilst I agree with the slogan “Sony … you’re late!”, it does make me wonder if Microsoft are really that desperate. In my opinion there is no need for petty things like this, instead it would be better to let the consoles and offerings make the decision.

Microsoft had a head start, the games are now past the first generation and there are many titles available. Xbox Live is an established system that receives more and more subscribers by the day.

Sony are coming into the game late, there aren’t many titles available and the PlayStation Network is not a fully grown service with many additions promised later on.

Both consoles have exclusive games and there are many that are shared by both.

This is too early to say how it is going to develop, but I hope that Sony will be successful and even if it’s just to give Microsoft the competition it needs to be pushed to ensure that they are going to still put in all the effort they can. There is no time for Schadenfreude or simply causing more petty arguments between fanboys and girls. Both should just be working on what they do best, develop consoles.


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20 Responses to Rivalry

  1. Sha says:

    Wow. Microsoft seem pretty scared and desperate. Can’t believe they are doing stunts like that.


  2. Cat says:

    Yeah, that’s what I’m so surprised about. They don’t need to do this, all it will do is cause bigger arguments between fanboys and girls.



  3. Sha says:

    True. Probably Sony scares them? They feel many people would be tempted to buy a ps3? Though I don’t think that’s true because apparently after the launch, there were still plenty in stock.


  4. Cat says:

    It was very easy getting hold of PS3’s over the last few months. Nothing compared to the 360 launch where it was impossible to get hold of them for a while after launch.


  5. Gaskin says:

    Microsoft > Sony.

    I’d of shat in a box, marked it ‘PS3’ and put a note on the front “This is what you’ll be getting if you purchase one” to every person in the world. Yeah that’s right, everyone!


  6. Cat says:

    Fanboy. :P


  7. Cat says:

    Am I really?


  8. becky says:

    No its not desperation they are just having some fun at Sonys expense. Let them enjoy their antics :)


  9. Cat says:

    Do you not think it’s causing more problems than it’s worth it?


  10. Matt - zyber says:

    Errm. No. I think it’s quite funny actually. Doesn’t show desperation, all it shows is M$ have a good sense of humour.

    Plus, there are no laws against advertising so there would be no legal trouble. Only trouble would be people saying it’s cheap. It’s not cheap its funny, lighten up. I personally like case of Beer.


  11. Cat says:

    Would you think it’s funny if Sony did that at the 360 launch?


  12. Becky says:

    I would find it just as funny if Sony had done it to Microsoft.
    People that turned up to buy a PS3 are not going to change their minds after seeing an xbox 360 branded boat sailing past.
    Its just having a laugh, nothing sinister. Its a poke in the eye, worms style :)


  13. Sha says:

    Well when you step back and look at it now that I think about it, it is rather funny. I guess this is Microsoft’s way of saying to Sony, welcome to the race.


  14. Cat says:

    I have to say the first time I eard of it I found it funny. But after reading just how annoyed people are by it, I think Microsoft should’ve looked ahead.


  15. becky says:

    that’s the thing, they did look ahead and planned to take the peepee.

    you only have to see the welcome note they left sony on that website to see that its a joke with them and should be seen as intended.

    its no different to rockstar having fun with other developers in their GTA games :)


  16. Cat says:

    I still think that it has caused too many problems. I mean we are all fairly liberal here, but looking at the MS/Xbox/360 fanboys that are all applauding this and then all the Sony/PS3 ones that think it’s appauling.

    Sony didn’t do this at the 360 launch….


  17. becky says:

    and the non-fanboys who think its funny or not funny. we aren’t all fanboys :)

    we all have different sense of humour and each take it different.

    had sony thought of it first i am in no doubt they would have done the same. in fact my tiny memory is telling me they have done similar in the past.


  18. Cat says:

    Looks like we disagree, fair enough, it would be boring if we’d all agree. :)


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