404 – Page not found

The amount of times it happens to me on sites that I follow a link and it takes me nowhere. Did you always want to know how it’s said in other languages?

Have a look at this site which lists quite a few languages and even dialects, including this image:


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6 Responses to 404 – Page not found

  1. ish says:

    Lol that was funny,they’ve even got Assamese(that’s a native Indian language)


  2. Cat says:

    They got several different German dialects. Although they got two of them wrong, it’s still funny. :D


  3. Sha says:

    I love that. They even had the singhala one there which made me laugh.


  4. Cat says:

    Singhala? Where is that from? [I should’ve paid more attention in geography at school!]


  5. Sha says:

    Sri Lanka :D


  6. Cat says:

    Hehe, as I said, I should’ve paid more attention. :D


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