Death Note

I have never really seen any animes or liked them before. I gave Naruto a quick go and Bleach, after everyone said they were amazing, but just couldn’t get into it.

A while back everyone started telling me about this new anime that is just so incredible good. I was sceptical, as they’ve said it before, but as the story didn’t involve any fighting and an amazing story, I thought I’d give it a go.

It has the best story I have seen in anything for a long time:

The series [a planned 36 episodes] centers around Yagami Light, a straight A Japanese high school student who one day finds a ‘Death Note’. Death Notes are books that belong to Shinigami [Death Gods] and allow them to end a humans life. Once a human touches the Death Note it belongs to him and he can use it.

To use a Death Note the person needs to write someone else’s name in there whilst thinking of their face. That person will die of a heart attack within 40 seconds, unless time and method of death have been previously defined.

Yagami decides to use the Death Note and rid the world of all evil which quickly gains him the attention of the police and L, a famous private detective that has solved many cases before, but no one has ever seen him.

And that is the start to a very interesting series.

All episodes are in Japanese and subtitled in English and can be found over at which is effectively a far superior YouTube. It really is well worth watching.

This is episode 1 from YouTube:


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13 Responses to Death Note

  1. Ashish C. says:

    I like animes.. but I’m wary of watching them. Cartoon Network [which shows most of them] have a habit of pulling them off air without showing the rest. They did this with Dragonball Z… one fo my favorites! I’ve seen CardCaptors and I see Pokemon too! :D


  2. ish says:

    Pokemon,I used to see that too but then they started annoying me with new series and shit.They did get rid of Dragonballz in a very bad way.

    But I’m happy they showed Transformers Armada in one go,I kind of liked that.But nothing beats the Power Rangers lmao :D


  3. Ashish C. says:

    Bah! I hate Power Rangers! Seems quite kiddish to me!


  4. Cat says:

    I have never actually watched Power Rangers or Transformers Armada. And Dragonball Z and Pokemon is just silly in my opinion. :P


  5. Big LiC says:

    None of you guys know what anime really is.

    Pokemon – sucked
    DBZ – good, when you’re 13.

    Transformers ARMADA – never saw it, unfortunately.

    power rangers was good when u were 10

    for cat:

    check out black lagoon. also, bleach sucks until episode 20. thats when the real series starts. stick thru it


  6. Cat says:


    Black Lagoon sounds good, I’ll give that a go.

    As for Death Note, I’ve still got 5 episodes to catch up on. Really must get round to watching them!


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  8. JJD says:



  9. Cat says:



  10. Toukai says:

    Ha, Never judge what anime is based on a dub. Death Note is quite brilliant as was the first naruto arc, bleach soul society arc, One piece, hellsing (well the list is quite large)
    anyway if someone recommends it, its usually worth seeing, i mean death nmote first ep was great but then the series grows as L is introduced.

    (never ever watch dubs!)


  11. Cat says:

    Yeah, it’s gotta be subtitled as far as I’m concerned. The introduction for L was great, although I’m not really convinced about the new characters they have introduced to replace L.

    The main thing I like about Death Note is that it’s not that many episodes, whereas Naruto/Bleach already have so many out.


  12. Tiou Lilia says:

    I really really liked Death Note!!… i didin’t finish it yet! i’m only at the 22nd episode!…
    i can actually admit that the first 15 episodes were more captivating than these last ones
    i like it when it wan Light who controles the Death Note.. but since it has turn to
    anyone, with the new shinigami, and the story about misa-misa!! lol… i like it less!!!
    but i’m still watching hopefully, i’m waiting for Light to become Kira again!!!!!! it was
    so amazing when it was him!!!!! …


  13. Cat says:

    I completely aagree. I haven’t finished it yet either, but recently started watching it again. I like the twist with Light losing the Death Note..


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