I do love stopping by raincoasters excellent blog, there is generally some great stuff to find. For example this post on Ink-is-it. Ink-is-it is very hard to describe, it’s random, weird and incredibly funny at the same time.

Judge for yourself, here is episode 1:


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8 Responses to Ink-is-it.

  1. Adrac says:



  2. Cat says:

    Indeed, let’s bring back the ink!


  3. herls says:

    how did you get the utube video in so nice….please help me! I cannot seem to get it right.
    Great Job! Love your blog!
    thanks, Carol


  4. Cat says:

    Hey Carol, thanks for stopping by. :)

    I take it you also have a blog on If so, adding a YouTube video is simple:

    Take the link of the video and type:

    It’s simple. :)

    This might also help you. :)


  5. raincoaster says:

    And you have to remember that uTube and YouTube are two different things; we can’t have the former on our blogs at all.

    Thanks for the lovely compliment. Ink is, in my opinion, not really IT, but it is certainly something. It must be: it has a podcast and I don’t.

    *runs off to sulk*


  6. Cat says:

    They are?

    It’s not only got a podcast, but also a game!

    And you are more than welcome, I do love reading your blog.


  7. carol herlihy says:

    Hi Cat,
    thanks so much, I was able to get the youtube video in.
    sorry it took me so long to say thank you!
    I was away in Rome!
    Thaks again!


  8. Cat says:

    You’re very welcome. :)


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