Job interview next week

Just completed a phone interview in which I must have done well enough, as I’ve got a face to face interview at some point next week. This is kind of the job I was looking for, but I am very worried about the interview, as always.

I am still ill as well, I’ve had this flu for over a week now and it really is enough now.


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15 Responses to Job interview next week

  1. jonathan says:



  2. Good luck with the interview; they are never easy.


  3. Sion says:

    Good luck Cat. Care to expand on the position?


  4. Cat says:

    @ jonathan: Danke.

    @ Captain Picard: MyBlogLog is great to stalk people! ;) And thanks.

    @ S1on: Thanks, and no, I won’t share anythign just yet. Just put it this way: It’s kind of the job I’ve wanted for a while now. :)


  5. thebigman87 says:

    Who wants to place bets on it being working in McDonalds or Homebase…You got to love when people make something out of nothing :p


  6. Cat says:

    Ha, is that so? Well, it’s neither.

    What about you, you jobless slacker? :P


  7. thebigman87 says:

    Where both in the same boat the only difference is your at the front of the boat…However like most interviews and the boat they will just sail by :p


  8. ish says:

    Best of Luck Cat, I hope you’ll get the job without having to scratch the interviewers. I’m sure you’ll do good ;)


  9. Cat says:

    Haha, well I feel truly motivated now, D. :P

    Cheers, ish. You see, D, that is how you motivate! :P


  10. ish says:

    I’m glad I could help :P


  11. Cat says:

    I’m sure you are. :)


  12. Ashish C. says:

    Best of Luck Cat! :)


  13. Cat says:

    Thank you very much.

    The date for the interview has now been set aswell. It’s Wednesday.


  14. becky says:

    take lots of lemsip max, that will see you through. good luck :)


  15. Cat says:

    There is nothing worse than Lemsip. Absolutely hate that stuff.

    Thanks. :D


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