MyBlogLog = MySpace?

I’ve recently joined MyBlogLog as you can see by widget in the sidebar. The idea behind it is to give bloggers a place to, well, a community. Bloggers can list all their blogs, upload pictures, join blog communities to show which blogs they read and send other MBL members messages. In addition widgets, like the one I am using, display recent visitors to the blog and the site profile shows people that recently viewed the profile.

Sounds like a great concept, doesn’t it?

Yet, I feel that it is very much getting like Myspace. Since signing up, I’ve had countless pointless messages, such as: “Join my community” and “Nice blog, have a look at mine?”. Sure many people care a lot about stats and visitors, just like myself [BTW today I had the highest number of visitors since last year on here], yet it feels so impersonal and competitive. The people behind the site even recognised impersonal messages the other day and limited the daily amount of messages a member can send to 20.

Looking at some of the profiles of the people, one of them has 6,043 ‘Family, Friends and Contacts’ listed. Does that person read the blogs? Or know them all personally? Or even bothered going onto their site originally? Probably not, as his blog communities are only 600….

It’s the age old thing, having the highest postcount in a forum does not make you a better person. Having the highest number of friends/contacts on MySpace/MyBlogLog does not mean you really are popular.

I for one will be continuing to connect with fellow bloggers through MBL, for now anyway and treat it the same way as I treat MySpace: It’s a way to stay in contact. And I will continue to appreciate every honest comment I’ll get over there.


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8 Responses to MyBlogLog = MySpace?

  1. becky says:

    one blog is enough for me, anything more will hurt my brain.
    i hear though myspace has invites to some intereting parties :)


  2. Cat says:

    Hehe, yeah.

    MyBlogLog isn’t a blog though, it’s more of an additional place, a bit like an extended Blogroll. It does generate a bit of traffic, so it’s not all bad.


  3. Sha says:

    Oh yeah those “skin” parties lol. Rarely use both sites. You know when I’m bored for I tend to log on those to get distracted. ~Whistles.~


  4. Cat says:

    For me it’s just another site that I’m registered on with email notification and that I visit everytime I get another email informing me of a new message.

    Talking about the parties, do you really think that that girl’s MySpace was hacked?


  5. graddy says:

    No I think that girl was a chav and irresponsible teen as she went and bragged about the party while staying at a friends house over myspace.

    I don’t use highly known blog sites.


  6. Cat says:

    I don’t use highly known blog sites.

    I’m not too sure you understand teh concept of MBL. It’s not a blog, it’s a site where bloggers meet and show off their blogs and have a profile on.


  7. Sha says:

    I doubt very much it was hacked. Why would you advertise a party on there? Wouldn’t it be alot more safer and confidental to call them up or email it?


  8. Cat says:

    Well, if it was a bulletin and she only has real life friends on her Friends List, then I suppose it could work and be an easy way to announce it.

    I have both real life and online friends on my MySpace and some of my online friends on there send bulletins like “Is someone going to there and there next week?” and “I’m going to so and so’s place, can I get a lift?”

    I wouldn’t do that.


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