The 15th of May….

…. is only 18 days aways which also means that it’s only 18 days to my birthday. I’ve given up with hints btw, hence the direct post. ;)

Amazon UK clicky link

Amazon Germany clicky link

You can also find that on the Countdown page.

Talking about pages on this blog, I have now also got a contact form.


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6 Responses to The 15th of May….

  1. ish says:

    There aren’t many days left to my birthday either, just like 7 months or something :P

    Ah, I have that contact form too, it’s a nice thing the WP people have done.

    So what do you want for your birthday? Not that I can actually gift it to you but atleast I can ask :P


  2. Cat says:

    Well, ideally moneyu. Lots of it. ;)

    Other wise there are a few books, some DVD’s, games… Nothing special really.


  3. Ashish C. says:

    My sister’s birthday is tomorrow.. [May 1st] Looks like all the Cats were born in May! LOL *runs*


  4. Cat says:

    Maybe. I actually know other Cat’s who’s birthday is in may…. Maybe you’re right.


  5. Ashish C. says:

    His Imperial Geekiness [meaning me] is always right dahling… :P


  6. Cat says:

    Bigheaded much? :P


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