Joost invites giveaway

I have several Joost invites to give away. I’ve been using Joost regularly for some time now [maybe a month?], after Collin gave me an invite [thank you again].

It’s still in the beta stage, so there are still some hick-ups, but overall it’s a great service. Recently Joost signed a contract with CBS which as far as I know included old shows, such as McGyver which I love.

Joost also has some great extras, such as chat.

The first Joost advert.

Anyone interested, please leave a comment with a valid email address.


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28 Responses to Joost invites giveaway

  1. Nathan says:

    I would love an invite! nathanmanley (at) yahoo (dot) com



  2. Tim says:

    bowserboy112 at hotmail dot com


  3. Mariano says:

    That’s awesome I’ll really would like to give it a try!!


  4. Gary says:

    If you still have invites I’d greatly appreciate one – thanks.


  5. Jigsaw hc says:

    Looks like they gave everyone 1000 invites so I have a few hundred free as well now.


  6. bradfarris says:

    I’d love an invite as well, if you can spare it.

    brad dot farris at gmail dot com


  7. Cat says:

    Everyone who commented above me now has an invite. Enjoy and let me know what you think. :)


  8. Sha says:

    Do you have any spare left Cat?

    Shanianu at gmail dot com


  9. Cat says:

    Sent. :)


  10. Elwood says:

    Hello there,

    I’m Stanley. I’ve found your very interesting site via Stumble, and after reading down your posts found that you were giving away invites to Joost.

    By now you may have already given them out, and I being a stranger don’t hold much hope, but if you did still have one then I would be very grateful.


    P.S. Did you take the header photo – very good.


  11. Cat says:

    Hey Stanley and thanks for stopping by or should I say stumbling. ;)

    I still have many invites left and will send one to the email address you provided tomorrow. I’m currently not on my normal PC and can’t access Joost to send it.

    As for the header image, I wish I could say where it’s from, but unfortunaltely I have no idea. It was only meant to be a temporary image as well, but it’s been up there for over two months now.


  12. goldcoaster says:

    Cat, how many invites did you get? I just signed up recently (Joost sent me an email saying I was in the next uptake), now they have given me some invites – but only three?


  13. Cat says:

    @ Elrond: Invite sent. Enjoy. :)

    @ golcoaster: Thanks for stopping by, I have many, many invites. Joost sort of went live on the 2nd of May and every member received 1000 invites. I’ve still got about 950 left.

    If you have anyone who needs or wants an invite, just direct them to this post and get them to leave a comment. :)


  14. phatmuther says:

    Hey hey, could I sneak one by chance?

    phatmuther at hotmail dot com

    Nice one.


  15. Cat says:

    Well, just because it’s you. You should have the invite now. ;)


  16. phatmuther says:

    It arrived safely, with a pink bow, how lovely ;)


  17. ish says:

    meh meh wants one too :-” (that’s the yahoo blushing smiley, lol)

    ishhville (at) gmail (dot) com


  18. phatmuther says:

    Hello again cat, could wouldles it be possible to get another one for my brother, he’s just bought a 24″ iMac (which I very much doubt he can afford) and this would be a nice addition to it.

    snake_man83 (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk

    Many thanks and jazz.


  19. Cat says:

    Anything for you phatmuther. :P

    Ish and phat: Invites sent. :)


  20. Ashish C. says:

    Fancy sending me one Cat? Thanks! :)


  21. ish says:

    Thanks Cat.


  22. Mikey says:

    An invite would be awesome, thanks Cat!!!!!


  23. Joeyjoejoe says:

    Hello Cat, I came in looking for a handout, but I think I’ll stay. Your blog is awesome. Good choice on books and games. I’m playing through Oblivion for the 5th time now I think.

    Anyway I’d still love a handout if you’ve got any invites left, I’m at

    Thanks if you can send me one, if not no worries.


  24. Julie Jadoul says:

    Hello Cat,
    i’m looking for an invite, and i can’t find one. if you have many invites, could you send me one? Please :-)

    Thanx a lot,


    e-mail: julie (dot) jadoul (at) telenet (dot) be


  25. Bill R. says:

    A joost invite would be cool. I’ve been really wanting to try this service out. Thanks!


  26. Bob Gober says:

    I would like to have an invitation to joost please. Thanx.
    bgo34 (at) aol (dot) com


  27. Luis says:

    I would love an invite, if you can.

    Thank you


  28. dan says:

    I would love an invite, if you can.Thank you


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