Sleep is good?

Apparently sleep is good, that’s what Sha says anyway:

To put it simple, my sleeping pattern has been non existent for over five years and in the last two or so years I’m averaging on four hours a night and generally have one night a week in which I don’t sleep at all.

Tim said this on his blog:

Weird thing is though, everyone I speak to on forums and MSN and stuff all have far worse sleep problems. Maybe just maybe the internet actually stops people sleeping. Just a theory.

I don’t actually think he is that far off. Most people I talk to that I know from forums have sleeping problems or the most ridiculous sleeping patterns.

Does the internet stop people from sleeping? If so, why?


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12 Responses to Sleep is good?

  1. Sha says:

    I think for me it’s just a mixture of worrying, work load and that pesky thing called the net.


  2. Sha says:

    Oh forgot to write my theory: The net is something you use to occupy yourself with.Therefore when you find something good, you’ll want to finish with that site first whilst you still have your curiousity which leads to bad sleeping habits as it has to cut in somewhere.


  3. thebigman87 says:

    Mine has actually got better and I think it’s becuase I have realised that anything that is going to happen or be discussed or whatever you wish to call it. I can simply check it out in the morning instead of staying up till stupid o’clock for it.

    So yes the Internet can effect your life but only if you let it, plus what’s the alternative for the Youth of Today or anyone? Getting Pissed off your Trolley, Get Sick in the Street with your Jeans at your Ankles singing Stupid Songs all night? Then realising you’ve got an infection after shagging what you thought was a lass and was really your nieghbours dog.

    It’s happened to the best of us.

    btw Bad Sleeping Patterns can actually decrese life expectancy, increase stress and lead to excessive yawning which can lead to Lock Jaw which can then lead to you looking stupid while people throw pennies in your mouth.

    As you can see there is little to nothing on the Net to entertain me right now.

    Enjoy one and all


  4. Matt says:

    For me, I tell myself I’ll go to bed at 11.

    11 hits. I say, “oh, I better check all my usual sites to see if anything’s happened before I go to bed.”

    Check 10 sites. Find something interesting. Go back and check all the other sites. Find something interesting. Someone talks to me on MSN. Can’t be rude and not talk to them.

    About to go to bed. Then I think about what I haven’t done and have an urge to play some game. Play some of the game..

    By that time it’s 1 or 2 when I go to bed.


  5. Cat says:

    I think the net is just there and too easily available [not that I’d want to change it!].

    Whilst I agree with you to an extent, D, it’snot as much the missing out, I think my main problem is just msn and that I get into convo’s and just forget the time.

    And then I check my feeds before logging off, realise that there is a new story, read it, or read someone’s blog and get sidetracked….

    I blame Matt anyway….


  6. sulz says:

    i value my sleep, but i’m not one who goes out like a light the instant my head hits the pillow. i haven’t gone to that stage where the internet takes over my sleep, though it does cause me to sleep less occasionally. maybe it’s because i’m still on dial-up… :P


  7. Cat says:

    Oooh, dial up…. I remember how bad that is/was.

    The thing is even if I go to bed early, switch off everything, have a dark room, etc, I still mostly can’t sleep or wake up early….


  8. Sha says:

    Can’t sleep currently ’cause I’m sick again. Stupid British weather.


  9. Cat says:

    But the weather’s been good lately, no?


  10. Sha says:

    Friday night was very windy….I was standing waiting for the tube…therefore got a nasty cold.


  11. ish says:

    Agreed, the net is a reason for sleeplessness but more often for me, it’s my stupid school teachers who wouldn’t stop giving homework to 17 year old kids. But yeah, there’s always that inquisitiveness..did I get an e-mail? Did I get a comment? that doesn’t let you sleep.


  12. ManofRoma says:

    Well, sleep is said here to be a gift from Gods. Actually it seems sweet anmd magic.
    And I presonally consider death like a long lazy sleep with no dreams.
    I realised one can also live without much sleep. 5 hours are enough for me. But I think
    much depends on age and genes (and bad or good habits lol)


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