Germany is way hotter than the UK!

Back from Germany, it was an interesting trip.

Well, not as much as interesting, more like I really know that staying and living here is the right decision, even if it may not always work out straightaway.

Coming back to the UK, the weather is a lot colder and well, maybe a little too cold. My hands are freezing as I’m typing this!

The kittens have made a huge mess since I was gone, so I’m going to clean that up now. Fun! :roll:

Til very soon.


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10 Responses to Germany is way hotter than the UK!

  1. Sha says:

    Na. You just missed the great weather here on Thursday and Friday. Was a heat wave then.


  2. Ashish says:

    Good ta have you back! [My Salmon seems to have worked! :P ] Start normal blogging soon… I’m fed up of YouTube!


  3. thebigman87 says:

    Yea buy Germany sucks and you know it….Hence why you left.

    I suppose it’s nice to see Family once in a while, if you have to. Oh well glad your back no doubt you’ll be Snowbound again? I think you’ll need even more Salmon to get her blogging again.


  4. Ashish says:

    17 trucks full of Salmon & Tuna.. Check.
    HMS Elizabeth II full of more Salmon coming this way…. Check.
    Prawns on Cutty Sark… oh well I lit fire to it while cooking em.

    That enough? Or should I bring more? :P


  5. Ashish says:


    Anybody hooooooooooooooooome? o)


  6. will says:

    how in the hell do i cure the fact that i am now a vampire in oblivion? its drivin me crazy…please help


  7. Just dropping in to read what you have been up to and wishing you well.


  8. Collin says:

    Hey Cat! :) When you gonna blog some?


  9. Stay out of Germany… UK is way better.


  10. Matt says:

    :( On you Cat. You need to blog!

    “I’ve been way too busy” isn’t an excuse!


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