Cancer Research UK

One of the things I am very passionate about is Cancer Research UK. It is a charity raising money to fund the research for the cure in cancer. I have been donating money towards the cause ever since I have been in the UK and even though it’s only been a small amount every month, this has now amounted to a fairly considerable amount.

In addition to that I’ve always wanted to get involved a bit more, for example helping out with events and raising awareness to the charity, even though it’s a widely recognised charity already. The only thing that’s really stopped me is that I didn’t know how to get involved.

However, looking at their website recently, I discovered a section which I have missed for years: ‘Volunteer for us’. I singed up and will have a meeting with a local organiser in a few weeks to discuss how I can get involved.

Cancer is something that may have influenced me more than some other people. I’m sure pretty much everyone knows someone who knows someone who has had cancer or maybe even died of it. Also see the ‘Six degrees of separation’.

My mother died ten years ago because of cancer and I have seen her health getting worse and worse all the time until it was too late and she wasn’t even able to leave her bed any more. And I have also seen just how much it can mess up families, my stepdad’s and mine relationship was very strained throughout her suffering and even more so after her death. In fact I would almost say that it’s never fully recovered.

Several people I know have previously gotten involved in various charities, all just to raise the quality of their CV. Maybe I know the wrong people, but talking to some friends today about wanting to volunteer, most answers I got were just: “But how would that help you in your line of work?” or “Why would you want to do it, you’re not applying for university?” Of course, I don’t ‘need’ to to anything, my CV is decent, it won’t help me as a certification tester to volunteer with a charity and I am not applying for university.

Is it wrong to want to help without necessarily getting something out of it? Am I looking at it from the wrong angle? Is everyone just so selfish that other people and charities don’t matter? Is that part of today’s society, just look out for yourself and no one else?


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6 Responses to Cancer Research UK

  1. becky says:

    if that is what you want to do Cat then don’t let anyone stop you. its just a shame charities have to rely on volunteers and donations to function


  2. thebigman87 says:

    Its a shame charities have to rely on donations?

    Surely people’s contributions or lack of it shows how much they rate them. Personally I aviod simply because I dislike the way they seem to operate. Direct Debits and Shaking tins at me they can piss off.

    If you want to help then fair play.


  3. Ashish says:

    Is that part of today’s society, just look out for yourself and no one else?
    I don’t know, but if I can help in some way, I do. We seem to think that the world is turning selfish, but there are folks who are not. Just look at the numerous help organisations and stuff, would they have existed? :) Sometimes people are afraid to join or help [cue the woman who gave birth on one of our stations and medical workers afraid to take her due to police fears] or they have their own problems. I’d say rather than asking people to join, if we do the work, SOMEBODY might do that too. :)

    Cool theme. Redoable lite was what I was considering for my blog, but chose Sushi over it. :) Love the header, btw. :) Oh and who won the XBox challenge between yourself and the Mattinator?


  4. Hey, I read your post…I think you should do whatever you believe without bothering on what angles others are thinking. you are thinking in an commendable way.

    I am sorry you suffered so much angst in family due to cancer. Just go ahead and do your bit for it. Wish ya luck!


  5. Sha says:

    I think these days people think like that because of all the competition for universities. It is not until you actually do the volunteering do you realise how much you are helping others around you. I don’t think you’re looking at it from the wrong angles but just that people really just have a narrow view that if they do it, it makes them look good on paper and would make jobs/unis look at them and go “wow such an amazing person”. I think it’s the people who are doing it out of their own hearts such as yourself and not caring about the CV who are the best volunteers because you’re always going to give that little bit more than those just doing it for their cvs.


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