ConsoleMonster podcast number 8

Time for another podcast, yes, the ConsoleMonster podcast number 8 [or 7, part 2] is out now. I’m not too sure if I like it, James seemed to have been on a little Vendetta and left a lot of stuff in that I thought was going to be removed! But, of course I’m only joking and James would never do such a thing!

Anyways, this comes a just after my last post on the ConsoleMonster podcast number 7 [which I forgot about and only posted a week after it was released!] and is a little shorter than the previous one.

Episode 8 – Console News & Debate (Part 2)

In the second part of our debate, our host James along with John, Cat, Scott and Chris continue our ramblings about the following Console news and topical debates:

* Manhunt 2 Gets ‘M’ Rating
* Do Real Time Strategy (RTS) Games work on consoles?
* Tank Rush!
* Fireworks!
* Assassins Creed – John concerned, Cat excited and wot not
* Multi-platform gaming damaging overall quality?
* The Simpsons Game – Doh!
* Cats love for Simpsons Hit and Run – Medic!!!
* Cats Xbox 360 Elite – Crisp and Shiny
* What we are playing?
* Yoshi Ringtone!

Length: 26 Mins
File size: 9 MB

This podcast is slightly different to the previous one, it is a lot more random with fireworks in th background [It was the Reading festival and I just happen to live close to it…] to me wanting to buy Simspons Hit and Run again which I think is a quality game.

Any comments are welcome and thanks for listening [if you do that is!].


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