Today’s the BIG day!

Today is the day I am finally moving. I know I’ve mentioned the house before here and I’m sure everyone else is pretty much bored of me constantly talking about it, but I am just so excited! It feels so very grown up to move somewhere on my own, it’s almost scary.

I have my BT phoneline connected and the internet has been requested and *should* go live on this Friday, but considering it took nearly two months for the internet to work when we moved in here, I’m not holding my breath.

It is quite good though that the internet won’t be there from day one, as I will have so much to do, including moving all my things, unpacking, building stuff together…


In other news and this really doesn’t warrant a new post, I have finally gotten round to getting an eyetest after my last one was several years ago and I’ve been getting more and more headaches lately. Turns out that my eyes have gotten worse [what a surprise!] and I need a new pair of glasses.

My new glasses should be ready for me this week and they are slightly different than then ones I have now, as they’re extremely light and rimless:

Either way, off to get the keys now! :)


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6 Responses to Today’s the BIG day!

  1. Ashish says:

    yay. The big day finally arrives.

    extremely light and rimless
    Heehee. Same here. I had Gun metal ones which were heavier and I used to feel like binning them at the end of the day. I got the new ones just for the lightness. lol.


  2. Cat says:

    I paid extra for these because they were so light…


  3. Sha says:

    Lol. I’m with BT too now. They said I should be going live this thursday but our wireless hub is not coming till Monday and the tech till the next saturday.

    Eye test wise, I need a new one and my mother’s worried about the cost of specs since a)I tend to get expensive ones b) I tend to lose them easily or c) I tend to break them pretty fast being an active person.

    Good luck with moving!


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  5. Cat says:

    Well, my internet is with BEthere, but you obviously need a BT line for any internet. The internet seems to be the only thing that’s working out at the moment.

    I know what you mean about the price of them! These were very expensive, but definitely worth it, as they are superlight compared to my current ones which are just that slight bit more heavy.

    I’ve never managed to loose any yet? I guess it’s because I have to wear them all the time and would be lost without them.


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