Yeah, ok, I knew it!

So as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, Halo 3 was released this week. I picked it up at midnight and since then have played it some ridiculous hours! Literally… The multiplayer side of it is very, very good and it’s been great playing together with some people I haven’t played with in ages! Pretty much everyone on my Xbox Live Friendslist has been on Halo 3 exclusively with the exception of only some. People who have been

There is a lot of customisation and interaction online. In addition, it’s never been easier to record and share great games both with images and videos. this was my first kill, a nice double kill with a grenade from across the map:

The game delivers what I’ve been waiting for for so long and I can see myself playing it for a long time! Just why does it have to be soooo addictive?


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2 Responses to Yeah, ok, I knew it!

  1. Micha says:

    Du Glücklicher du ;-) Ich muss (bzw. werde) darauf warten, dass das Game irgendwann für PC erscheint, da ich keine Xbox 360 habe. Bis dahin werde ich mich mit Halo 1 vergnügen, das immernoch der beste Teil der Serie ist.


  2. Cat says:

    Haha, ich denke dass es noch lange dauern wird, bis es auf dem PC ist. Aber, Halo 2 ist ja mittlerweile auf dem PC [Vista]..

    In der Zwischenzeit werde ich viiiel Spass mit Halo 3 haben. :P


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