New look

So I finally wanted to be different and distinguish myself from most other users by getting the CSS upgrade and using a different theme. The theme I’m using is called Diurnal and was one of the entries in the recent Sandbox competition and now it’s found it’s way on here. Big thanks to that girl again.

I fell in love with it straight away, but there are some more exciting bits about it:

– It changes colour and header depending on the time of day.
– My comments appear slightly different than others.

There are still a couple things I want to change, that will be over the next few days. Any comments, problems, ideas, just leave a comment please!




For anyone wondering about the colourschemes, this is a screenshot displaying all the header bits. The colours vary accordingly. :)

List of things I need to change:

Child/hidden pages are displayed on the top nav bar. Thanks to Andrew / mR junTao for this.
Links in posts don’t appear prominent enough. I’ve decided against that as I didn’t like the look of it.
Comment boxes, especially on the contact page. Thanks to Tao again.
Navigation bar. Thanks, Trent.
– Fix the bachground in quotes.

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32 Responses to New look

  1. Ashish says:

    Looking kewl Cat! I was actually considering using this with sandbox on my blog earlier but I chose Copyblogger. Like this because its kewl and because another blog Digg 3 free! Yay! :P

    Oh and I’m getting good at being the first commentator everytime! Go me!


  2. Ashish says:

    *it should read, I chose to stay with copyblogger. lol.

    Oh and can you make this comment box wider or perhaps to the center? The rest is teh koolness. What says Chief or Reporting? :P


  3. Cat says:

    You don’t like Digg 3? How comes?

    Yeah, the comment box is one thing, thing is I know pretty much nothign about CSS, so I’ll have to look into that.

    So far I need to fix:

    – Child/hidden pages are displayed on the top nav bar.
    – Links in posts don’t appear prominent enough.
    – Comment boxes, especially on the contact page.


  4. Ashish says:

    Cat: Just because everyone in the blue blazes is using it.

    As for me, the links in the posts look fine. As for changing the comment box look for this line in your CSS stylesheet –

    #comments_form.text_area {width: some numbers}

    It may be called something else but thats what it mostly will be. Change those numbers to make it a bit wider. :)


  5. Cat says:

    I’ve found that with sunrise I think the colour isn’t so prominent.

    And everyone’s using it cause it’s good. :P


  6. Ashish says:

    Cat: Well, I’ll just have to see it in nighty night then! :D

    As for my little tip there, won’t work for you I’m afraid. Your Comment Form isn’t that well defined. Call on teh CSS Wizards! :D

    And everyone’s using it cause it’s good. :P
    I meant that for Digg 3 and I hate it with all of my Twitteriness ever! :P


  7. Cat says:

    Well, I’ll look into that when I’m more productive a la early early hours of the mornign. Until then I’m collecting any feedback.

    As for the Twitter thing, one day you’ll probably use it! :P


  8. ish says:

    Oooh uh this theme is super sexy! I mean like wicked cool! Gotta love all the starz!

    Btw, you’ll need to do something about the blog’s title in the header. The “Cat’s Blog” is half hidden under the WordPress top NavBar. Otherwise it’s great!


  9. Cat says:

    Added to the list of things to change. :)



  10. sulz says:

    very cosmopolitan! somehow reminds me of sex and the city, though i don’t think it’s sexy. :P (it’s sophisticated!) you should post in that ‘show off you css designs’ thread in the off-topic section of the forums.


  11. Cat says:

    Hi Sulz,

    I wish I’d have come up with it! I’m afraid it was all wank’s work. :)


  12. Trent says:

    I left a comment on fixing the admin bar on my post at my site cat!


  13. Cat says:

    Thanks Trent, worked perfectly!


  14. Cat says:

    Comment box is now wider. :)

    Anything else?


  15. Sha says:

    Oh wow I loveeeeeeeeeeee this theme. It’s absolutely amazing! Now I really want to see it during the day :P


  16. sulz says:

    i post in that thread even though i’m not the one who created the css. just give credit then. :)


  17. Cat says:

    @ Sha: Thanks. I’m liking it a lot as well. It needs a bit more work including the sidebar needs to be re arranged a little and I’m thinking of new headers, so it loses a bit of the Sex and the City styly which has no relevance to my blog. :)

    @ sulz: I guess and I just read through that thread. I think I will do that once I have fully modified it.

    Added the preview image to the post.


  18. Ashish says:

    Woot! Looking good now! :) Btw, it’s showing me early morning [pinkish red] so I think that its synced with your blog timing. :)


  19. ish says:

    It’s pretty much perfect now as far as me is concerned. Great :D


  20. Cat says:

    Nice one. :)

    It needs a bit more work, plus I want new images, but that will be done at some point. Glad you guys like it!


  21. Looking very good :) Look forward to reading more.


  22. Sha says:

    I like it how it is though have to agree with you it does look abit like sex and the city lol.


  23. Cat says:

    It just gives me so many options, you know? I can have 5 compleetely different headers with different colours. So for example for the morning I can have an Xbox 360 look including green colour, then later something with the cats and mybe brown, etc.

    Too many choices!!


  24. Sha says:

    Wow. I think maybe you should do the xbox 360? Have it change through out the day maybe to different pictures?


  25. Cat says:

    Yeah, that’s the plan. Now I just need to come up with 5 distinctive ideas… Got any suggestions?

    – Xbox 360 / green
    – My cats / brown


  26. Jackie says:

    Nice theme. Alot of content and widgets to choose from :)


  27. Cat says:

    Hi Jackie and thanks. :) Still a lot to do though!


  28. Sha says:

    The colour of your computer? Lol.


  29. Cat says:

    Haha, that would be black!


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