Some Facebook, a bit of Myspace.

Pretty much everyone these days is registered on a social networking site and more or less active. Be it myspace, Facebook, StudiVZ [German Facebook clone], LinedIN, Pownce, etc.

Came across a few things lately that made me think of each other.

Matt says in his blog:

Facebuuu….Facebooo….Facebook. OK, yea, OK, yea….OK yea I like facebook….kinda. […]

You get to find out what everyone is upto and talk to them somewhere that they will actually see it. No matter if you have new email addresses or phone numbers, i guess the facebook will remain the same for a while. I’ve just got chatting to loads of people via facebook, from complete randomers to guys i’ve not seen in years.

Combine that with this picture that’s also in his post and voila I get reminded of a video that was on Digg ages ago.

Admittedly past the humour of it it does show how scary facebook and the information revealed can be. Not a day goes by in which some newspaper or site warns everyone to be aware of the information posted:

Facebook users are putting themselves at serious risk of identity theft, they were warned today. Posting just a handful of personal details on the website can give fraudsters all the information they need. Armed with information found on your Facebook page, they can open bank accounts and credit cards in your name.

BBC1 consumer show Watchdog conducted an experiment by setting up a fictional identity on Facebook. The Watchdog team created a user called ‘Amba Friend’, accompanied by a cartoon picture of an attractive girl in her 20s. ‘Amba’ then contacted 100 people at random inviting them to be her friend. Despite knowing nothing about the person, 35 of those contacted replied immediately – giving “Amba” and the Watchdog team access to any personal details they shared on the site.

One of them was Scott Gould, 23, from Devon. […] They were then able to open an online bank account in his name and successfully apply for a credit card.

RTE business

My profile is completely set to private and people I don’t know in real life only have access to my limited profile, but it is always better to be careful…

Matt’s view on myspace from the same post:

I had to set up a myspace site for my Enterprise computing course so i realised again why I hated it. The look, the navigation, the music, the pictures….all of it just infuriates me. I was looking at my cousins bebo site today and that’s gone the way of myspace which again is shit.

I completely agree which is why this [which is completely shamelessly stolen from Collin’s blog] made me laugh so much:

“The ideal Myspace layout looks something like this:



Btw if you’re looking for a video that literally makes you go ‘WTF?!’, have a look at this one.

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15 Responses to Some Facebook, a bit of Myspace.

  1. Ashish says:

    I love that cartoon! :P

    Btw, even Blogger has somewhat gone the MySpace way with freaky customisation on many blogs. We may curse wordpress for not allowing any theme we choose [just the pre-set ones] but they do have a point. :)


  2. Matt says:

    Well at least this wasn’t shamelessly stolen from my blog. Yea, i do have more views on myspace but i thought it would be like floggin a dead dog in the end. Might as well focus on the positive aspect (singular) of social networking sites.


  3. Cat says:

    Well, you can have CSS customisation on wordpress, like this blog. ;)

    Nope, only used your post to link the stuff on my post together!!


  4. Cat says:

    Btw, did anyone click that last video link? If so can anyone explain it?!


  5. Ashish says:

    You can, but you pay for so most people prefer good layouts not shitty emo customisation [to borrow from Matt] where they change your mouse pointer to a shark. That is the reason most people prefer blog surfing on WordPress – Clean and ad-free.


  6. Sha says:

    Lol. I love that video and saw it before. Yeah, I also keep everything private so only my friends know what is on my page.


  7. ish says:

    Haha, I saw that myspace css tip earlier too. It was one of the top things on Digg. I pretty much used a modified version of it to design my MySpace layout.


  8. Cat says:

    Weelllll, about the ad free… isn’t ad free. If you’re logged out and google your own blog you get ads on here too..

    Does anyone actually still use myspace? I only go on there when I have a message and get the email notification..


  9. Ashish says:

    Firstly, I’ve never seen any ad on partly because of AdBlock and partly because I’m always logged in. However, have you ever heard people complaining about the ads, something which is prevalent in Vox? Chances are only a few. Now, WordPress and MySpace are two different horses so it would be unfair to compare but Facebook is greater than MySpace as per the social networking goes.

    Does anyone actually still use myspace? I only go on there when I have a message and get the email notification..
    I still get add requests from Bots with girl pics wanting to show their “pixtures” despite not logging in for more than a year… :P


  10. Cat says:

    Well, I see


    complain as I spend a bit of time in the support forums. But most users of wordpress won’t see them unless they’re logged in. And those are just four of many threads.

    And this image is if I google my blog whilst not signed in, quite ugly really. It’s from the post ‘No more Halo 2…‘ and yes, I had to shrink the image to get it all on one page!

    But yeah, anyways.. :)


  11. Ashish says:

    Well apart from that screenshot, I couldn’t see any even with logging out and googling your blog. So that means my ad protection filter is working fine. :P

    But yeah, anyways.. :)
    Yeah, to provide such a free service, we can’t deny them some sort of revenue for the upkeep of the service right? :)


  12. Cat says:

    Well, you have to google specifics, like I searched for “Halo 2 carocat”. But I alos used IE, as I couldn’t be bothered to log out of FF. :P

    well, yes and no about the free service. One block of ads fair enough, but two big ones? The ads took up more space than my post!


  13. Ashish says:

    Well if you totally want an adfree blog, get a self-hosted one. Ad free for eternity or until you can keep paying the bills. :P

    I don’t even know such a thiong as IE exists. I’ve removed all traces of it from the desktop, startmenu and well everything. I have to go to the IE folder in Prog Files everytime I need to start it which is a few times in a year. :P


  14. Cat says:

    I don’t have Opera installed any more and it’s too much hassle to reinstall it.. So everytime I need another browser I use IE which then reminds me soooo muchwhy I loooove FF. Win win situation. :)


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