One Tree Hill

First there was Dawson’s Creek, then the OC and somewhere in between there is One Tree Hill. On the surface it’s yet another High School Drama, in reality it’s a bit more than that.

Set in the fictional town One Tree Hill, a small town in the middle of America it is all about the One Tree Hill High School, it’s Basketball team and the family and friends surrounding it. In the centre there are two brothers, Lucas and Nathan who share the same father, Dan. Whilst Dan married Nathans mother and they had all the money they ever needed, Karen [Lucas mother] was left alone to raise Lucas.

At the beginning of the series Lucas joins the Basketball team, the Tree Hill Ravens and conflicts between his brother, the other team members and his father. Combine that with relationship problems, cheerleading problems and the continued friction between Dan and everyone else.

Some of the storylines involve death, stalking, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, school shooting and gambling.

Music plays a big part in the series, one of the main characters is obsessed with music, there is a club opened in series 2, each episode ends with a song combining the events and every episode title is taken from a song.

I don’t really know why I started watching it in the first place, as well, I’m not a teen any more, I’m definitely not interested in basketball and well, it does sound like every other generic teen drama. At the end of the day I’m glad I did watch it. There is some excellent character development throughout the series and the stories are to an extent believable.

So far I’ve seen series 1-4 which is set during High School. Series 5 that is currently being shot in the States is set four years in the future. It’ll be interesting to see if the concept still works…

Season one intro:


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10 Responses to One Tree Hill

  1. Matt says:

    OMG, yea i really did just use that acronym, I had no Idea. Being a teen (well soon not to be) I loved shows like dawsons creek (which i found to be too overly written with constant drivle that no self respecting teenager would use with a vocabulary and syntactic awkwardness that only an English professor of English Literature) and the OC (which was amazing because the people in it were my age…exactly. So I actually felt connected to the show and I was really bummed when they cancelled it.) but One Tree Hill found a good balance between the two.

    One tree hill while very dramatic, and very deep (with lots of poetry) combines everything with great music (jimmy eat world, Fall out boy) to make a great show. I’m a bit pissed at C4 kept messing around with the times and never advertised the beginning of the new series etc and besides refusing to show certain episodes (the one where jimmy shoots up the high school) i’ve seen the majority of the episodes.


  2. Cat says:

    Wow.. I would’ve never thought you watched One Tree Hill..

    Dawson’s Creek was great, I’m currently acquiring that. It was different and whilst it overdid things [who can actually talk that much crap?!] it was still good, again especially for the character development.

    The OC is/was good, but a bit too shallow and superficial. The characters didn’t really change, like Seth was always the same apart from that he happened to date the popular girl and Ryan only ever saved people. Saying that I love Melinda Clarke who played Julie Cooper-Nichols-Cohen, so just with her it could’ve gone on forever!

    To be honest I watched them all back to back when I ‘acquired’ it all, but I know what you mean about C4’s shitty programming. They didn’t show the school shooting one?! That’s like a major plot part for season 3 and 4…

    If you haven’t yet, there are a couple season 4 episodes you have to watch or pretty much the entire season, so good.


  3. Matt says:

    Yea, because it was due to air just a few days after the shooting in that Armish school or something. Then when the series looped round again, 2 days before they were due to show the episode, the Virginia tech massacre happened. I did catch it online and then again when they agreed to show it finally.


  4. Cat says:

    It was definitely worth watching, did you see much of season 4? For example episode 9 and 10 I think which is them playing in the finals and ends up with some being in hospital? It is probably one of my favourite episodes, so well done.


  5. Matt - Zyber says:

    Yea, I saw the majority of it, it’s usually the first couple of episodes i miss. I think OTH is one of the most dramatic teen series on TV. Dealing with issues a lot of people are afraid to deal with. I find myself getting lost in teen dramas because, with my age, i think it makes me feel like I belong somewhere. My god, i sound really sad.


  6. Cat says:

    Well, I like teen dramas, but I also like other things, like Midsomer Murders, Dark Angel, Weeds… I think effectively I watch anything!

    And I don’t think it’s too sad…


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  8. savanah says:

    omg…….one tree hill is my fave. show like all the drama just connects to me. i think i connect more to haley exept tje part where i got knocked up at the age of 18…yeah i know!!
    talk 2 u later,


  9. shannon says:

    dont feel bad i am 27 adn totally addicted to OTH ( since season 1). have you started watching the 5th season yet?


  10. Cat says:

    Yes, I have and I think it’s brilliant. Far better than anything before.


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