Assassin’s Creed finally [?] out this week

The wait is over and the game is finally out. Well, it’s in the States, us Europeans have to wait til Friday and let’s not get started on the people down under.. Now Assassin’s Creed is one of my top five games this year, something which I’ve already mentioned in this post, so I won’t bother again.

Traditionally 1-4 weeks before the release of games the reviews surface and even though Assassin’s Creed appears to have several great reviews there are two reviews that worry me a little.

1up – 7/10:

Or at least until you get sick of it — which will likely happen very quickly. The fault of Creed’s game structure isn’t what you do — gathering intel and conducting hits is actually pretty sweet. The repetition of these actions, however, is severely bitter.

To make things worse, despite Ubisoft’s faithfulness to history, the three cities of Acre, Damascus, and Jerusalem are practically the same.

It’s a game what was clearly created with a sequel mindset. Instead of making a complete experience, we’re getting a game that’s obviously holding stuff back for the inevitable follow-up.

All of this works really well at first, but after a while, it gets so plodding that you’ll likely opt to skip fighting altogether.

Instead of going at your own pace, you are instead forced to hop around frantically searching for a hiding spot, and this means making many, many mistakes.

Launch trailer 1

Eurogamer – 7/10:

And these, frankly, become a bit dull. Eavesdropping involves sitting on a bench, locating the source of the gossip, targeting them and pressing Y. That’s it. Pick-pocketing involves much the same, except you have to follow someone for a bit and press B when your hand’s within grabbing distance of their back pocket. It’s sleuthy, but also a bit one-dimensional. If you get spotted, you hide until the heat’s off, then go back and try again. The same’s true of interrogations – listen to some chatter, follow them for a few seconds, then punch them until you get a cut-scene. That’s not simplification on our part; that’s literally what you do.

There’s no clever hiding or skulking. There are no interesting approach tactics. You just get close, watch a cut-scene, and then strike.

But there simply isn’t any variety to wax about. Enemies spot you and then surround you and you either kill them or leg it and hide. That’s it. There’s almost no fun to be had just playing with the world.

After about hour four, the most amusing thing is checking the Achievements screen to discover there’s one for beating up female beggars. Er?

But while there’s no end of potential to the foundations Ubisoft Montreal has set, the game built upon them is ultimately disappointing, and leaves you unfulfilled.

Now those are only the negative parts of the review, but 7/10 just doesn’t really strike me as remarkable.

However, the still has amazing graphics to offer and I’ve been waiting for a free roaming game for a while now. Plus the latest launch trailers look amazing. The story may not be compelling, but jumping around rooftops certainly has something to it!

Launch trailer 2 [the more amazing one!]

As for all you people getting to this blog by searching for ‘Assassin’s Creed soundtracks’ and ending up at this old post, there are two tracks now available for download:

Both are composed by the excellent Jesper Kyd.

Oh and another great Ctrl-Alt-Del comic [yes, I have developed a slight obsession with it!]:



Another fairly disappointing review from IGN – 7.7/10

That brings Assassin’s Creed to 83/100 on Metacritic..

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16 Responses to Assassin’s Creed finally [?] out this week

  1. Jackie says:

    i cannot see a “beating up female beggars” achievement on the list


  2. Cat says:

    Hi there, Jackie. I didn’t read the achievements list as I don’t want it all to be ruined. This is just taken from the review by Tom Bramwell of Eurogamer. :)


  3. becky says:

    HI Carocat, the “Jackie” who responded was actually me. I was doing some maintenance on my Mums blog earlier and forgot to log out, I didn’t notice that I was logged in with her details when commenting :)

    So anyway, looking forward to the game, mine shoudl arrive tomorrow with any luck and a fair wind breathing in my direction. :)


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  5. Cat says:

    No problem, hi there. :)

    Yeah, same with mine I hope.

    I’m just not sure any more what to think, I normally don’t care about reviews much, apart from Eurogamer as they’ve always been spot on for me. And reviews of 6.5 for a game that’s been in waiting for this long is a bit shocking…

    But I shall see for myself. :)


  6. becky says:

    Just seen impressions from a friend who played the game today, its not very promising, I shall email you what he said


  7. Cat says:

    That really isn;t very promising, thanks for sending it on.

    I just don;t understand where they’ve been going wrong. Was it too much hype? Was every guy just distracted by Jade Raymond and wrote more and more news about it?


  8. becky says:

    Goddamn Jade Raymond. Every time I read about this game, her name crops up. lol

    It will of course not be the first time a developer has made promises it has failed to keep. As per what I told you in the email, what happened to the promise that every AI would be unique with their own words? This is the fear I have with Mass Effect. We have had games before that promise different things based on your own actions but in the end they always fizzled out with only one or two endings.


  9. Cat says:

    I know. It’s like this isn’t a Ubisoft game about assassins/crusades/future, instead it’s a Jade Raymond game featuring Jade Raymond by Jade Raymond. Saying that her career has been fairly impressive.

    I’m just surprised it’s Ubisoft. They haven’t really had any/many games disappoint.

    I’ve got high hopes for Mass Effect, HOWEVER, it will have two sequals so the story will have to fit one way or the other. Drew Karpyshyn [the writer] has confirmed somewhere that there are definitely two endings. I guess with ME it’s more about the game rather than the end for me.

    Have you read the ME book?


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  11. Sha says:

    I’ve just brought assasin’s creed and have just played it for 3 hours straight…so far so good..but hoping the above isn’t true.


  12. Cat says:

    Well, Matt loved it. I decided not to bother for now, especially considering that Mass Effect comes out in pretty much two days. [Yes, I’m counting the hours]


  13. Sha says:

    Sorry I haven’t been around that much. Got too much these days to do. Anyways. Gotta admit assassin’s creed is good but by the sound of the story line it sounds rather short…but an easy game to play I have to admit.


  14. Cat says:

    That’s cool. I’ve been really busy playing Mass Effect anyway.

    I still haven’t bothered with Assassin’s Creed. I will do at some point…


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