November ’07 digest Part 1

Just incase you have missed it, this is what I’ve been blogging about in the first two weeks in November:

In Gaming:

In TV:

  • One Tree Hill

    First there was Dawson’s Creek, then the OC and somewhere in between there is One Tree Hill.

In Blog:

In life:

  • Still bored…

    This is more or less a continuation of my other post a few days ago in which I said I was feeling really ill.

  • Bored

    I’m simply bored of being ill now.

And everything else:

  • Couple of things

    All of these have been sitting on my desktop for weeks and don’t really warrant an extra post.

  • Some Facebook, a bit of Myspace.

    Pretty much everyone these days is registered on a social networking site and more or less active.


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6 Responses to November ’07 digest Part 1

  1. Oooo, neato summary of the month :) I have so much to learn…


  2. Cat says:

    Ah give it time and you’ll be there. Thank you. :)


  3. Ashish says:

    So you go to everyone of these posts and then type that up? Sheesh. I’m so lazy….


  4. Ashish says:

    Hell I’m way to lazy than I thought. I’ll just reroute the people to that tip or make them use my sitemap. Let ’em find the posts from all of them. :P


  5. Cat says:

    Well, it’s very simple to do. Takes about a minute or longer if you change the formatting. :)


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