Have I become who I wanted to be?

This is something that had me thinking for a few days now: Have I become who I wanted to be?

If not, why not?

Something to ponder about a bit more..


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8 Responses to Have I become who I wanted to be?

  1. ish says:

    Well, you’ll know that only when you have are clear about what you want to be.


  2. I’m in the same boat Cat. I still have no idea who I want to be though…


  3. Cat says:

    And that is one of the questions, Ish.

    Monkey, yeah, kind of been there for many years now…


  4. In simpler times kids would set their hearts on becoming a policeman, fireman, ballet dancer, nurse, etc. This was a reflection of the society and times they lived in, times when grown-ups had a single occupation that they remained in until retirement.

    The societies and times we live in now are quite different. Throughout the course of my life I have been a full time library technician, a paralegal and an artist. On a part time basis I have been a livestock keeper, horse trainer, caregiver, small town journalist and an environmental writer.

    I still have half my life to live and who knows “what” I may become next?

    More importantly, I did not have a specific model of the the “who” I wanted to become previously and I do not have one now. On one hand, what I observe about my “who” is that I have become more open to new ideas and more empathetic and compassionate towards those who admit they are struggling. On the other, I observe that I’m less likely to invest any time or energy into people who think they know it all and are superior to the struggling masses.

    Namaste {she bows}


  5. Kirk M says:

    Hey Cat,

    In my experience you should never ask questions like that. There’s no real answer for it and it tends to cause a rash.

    Set your short term goals, be the best you can be within the limitations of being “human” and leave the rest because the all the rest is a constant life long journey of learning on your way to becoming who you will be. Answers come later and when you least expect it but only if you’ve learned from your experiences both good and bad. Kind of a “Life’s Path” so to speak.

    How do you know you’re headed down the right “path”? You know because everything “feels right”. Things might not be going the way you want them to occasionally but the overall feeling still feels right. It’s when everything in your daily life seems to be fine but you have this strong feeling that things are all wrong is where you find out that you’ve strayed a bit from your path which is usually caused by attempting to force something to happen sooner than it should.

    There! That should mess up your head enough for one day I figure. :P

    What are friends for anyway? :D


  6. Cat says:

    Thanks for the comments, both of you.

    I feel that I am at a major fork in my life’s path and I’m very unsure as to which way I want it to go. And I am not sure if my job or direction is right or if I am someone I’d like to be.

    More to mull over I guess.

    Thank you very much though. :)


  7. Cat says:

    Oh and Kirk, you show yourself far too little over here these days. ;)


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