I’m not having a good day.

Sometimes I do wonder if I’m just too cynical or the world just becomes a worse place to live.

I know I’m pretty much on my own with this opinion, but I really don’t think that she should’ve been released early. She broke the law. Yes, we might not understand it, but it is the law in that country and everyone working in another country has to be aware of them.

What if a foreigner breaks the law in this country? Should he/she get away with it?

Well observed.. I’m not sure what gave it away though, was it the lack of private booths in the polling stations, the propaganda fed by Putin’s party over the last years, or maybe the excessive police presence that removed anyone that dared to ask a question or complain about the voting conditions? Well observed indeed..

I don’t even know what to say to that. What is wrong with some people? That is just sickening and disgusting. If you ask me he’s lucky with only three years.

Do not get me wrong, that is a terrible tragedy and I very much feel for relatives and friends. It also made me check my fire alarms.

However, what is the point in giving her an award? Would it not be better using the money to spend it raising awareness? And comments like this drive me crazy:

“This was a young girl, an emblem of innocence, with the courage to seek help and turning to her faith in the midst of fear and danger.”

Thanks for that, Detective Chief Superintendent Norman Baxter..

Grant Stranaghan, a GCSE student at Ballyclare High School, was suspended for three days last week for having collar-length hair.The 15-year-old’s father George claimed his son was now being kept in “solitary confinement” in a separate school room.The school said its rules applied to all pupils equally with due regard to any mitigating circumstances.

He told the BBC that the High Court hearing was due to take place in several weeks’ time.

“Grant is being kept in solitary confinement, he is completely separate in a different class, and has separate breaks and lunch-time with no contact with his friends,”

Now I could sort of understand it if he had long hair like Dumbledore, but his hair isn’t even that long. All this for his hair which isn’t even shoulder length and looks in a decent condition?!

  • Oh and I bet y’all don’t know what this is:

What could it be?

Well, I don’t know either, but it relates to one of the only good stories I’ve read today:

A plan to end the postcode lottery in cancer treatments and improve services to patients is set to be unveiled.

The only question left is are their five years the same as ours or will everything still be the same in fifteen years time?


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11 Responses to I’m not having a good day.

  1. B0bbyG says:

    If you wave your cursor over it on the original article, it claims it’s a prostate cancer cell. Eew. It’s good to know they’re doing something about cancer now, though.

    I don’t think British people should be exempt from foreign laws, but bear (no pun intended) in mind that there was a misunderstanding. The law was against making disrespectful images of THE Muhammad, whereas her class named the bear after one of their number who was named Muhammad. Coupled with the fact that there were protesters crying for her execution, I was quite glad to hear that she was let out, no matter what the law says.

    As to that boy’s hair, if the school has a dress code, he should probably abide by it. That said, it’s a dumb dress code if they think his hair is too long, and taking the issue to court is a bit extreme. Note, though, that the article doesn’t make it clear whether the school is taking the boy to court or the other way around.

    Sorry for disagreeing with your blog. Those are just my opinions. Maybe I’m not cynical enough!


  2. Sha says:

    I heard about that soldier urinating on the poor lady and was rather appalled that someone in the military could act like that and not get away with a stronger sentence. Surely if that happened to his Grandma or mother, he wouldn’t want the person doing that to them. Surely he would prefer for someone to help them, but this is what happens as Britain is taken over by Yobs and there is nothing we can do about it!

    As for the boy with long hair. School rules are school rules. The reason they are there is to give the school a respectable image and by giving one boy his way, then other parents might revolt about it. Though going to court is a bit extreme I have to admit.

    Sorry these are just my views.


  3. Cat says:

    @ Bobby: Feel free to disagree with me! After all it would be boring if everyone was the same opinion!

    I didn’t get the hover thing, but then again my firefox has been playing up a little, so.. It’s good they’re doing something, but they’re only unveiling plans atthe moment, so I wonder when something will actually happen or if they just change their mind again or maybe have some new plans soon…

    Of course the protesters were taking it way, way too far. You heard about the guy with the sword?! Nevertheless it just feel s like they’re caving in to pressure. 15 days isn’t the world and I think it was a win win situation from all sides really. They got to punish her, to make a point and everyone else could be happy as it wasn’t so long.

    @ Sha:
    I think it really is shocking and it makes me worry so much about how many people like him are out there. Heshould’ve been sent to some mental institution or something.

    About the school thing, see I’m from Germany where we don’t wear school uniforms and can turn up in school in well, anything. Literally. So t have this whole thing for hair that isn’t even that long seems a lot of wasted time and resource..


  4. Sha says:

    Ah. I grew up with the whole uniform thing and I can see why they put it in place as you would want the world to see you’re respectable. I just think the school is right in this instance because if he can’t follow rules now, then how is ever going to follow the dress code when he goes to work? Sue them? Surely not their fault for wanting to present a respectable image to the public?


  5. Ashish says:

    Leave suing, the teachers would have beaten the crap out of him if he was in my old school. lol.


  6. Cat says:

    That’s another thing, so many places here have uniforms, banks, shops, etc. In Germany you only have uniforms for police, etc and and a vest for supermarkets.. I think there is a difference to dress code and dressing for the job.

    But than again we were brought up differently, so I guess that’s why we disagree. :)


  7. Sha says:

    Lol. Yep. Going to agree with you for a change on that point Cat :P


  8. Cat says:

    Yeah. They were talking about school uniforms for school in Germany and pretty much everyone was against it. Teachers, parents, politicians…


  9. Kirk M says:

    Take it from a fellow cynic; You’re outlook isn’t getting worse, human beings have always had their disgusting worthless, violent, cruel, etc members, mobs and fanatics. It’s just that the news coverage has gotten better. :P


  10. Kirk M says:

    Or is that too cynical of me?


  11. Cat says:

    It is very cynical, sadly it’s also very true.

    I mean you’ve been around a bit longer than me [meant in the nicest way possible!], is it just going to get worse?!


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