Assassin’s Creed – First impressions

I decided to wait until buying Assassin’s Creed, as Mass Effect was round the corner and the reviews for Assassin’s Creed weren’t too good. I finally got it this morning and so far I’m not at all convinced.

  • Overlong tutorial.
  • Tutorial computer voice. Can she speak any slower?
  • Too many too long cutscenes. Who cares I was demoted? Why did the guy with the beard go on about it so much? Why did I have to bother listening in to the conversation with the doctor and the woman? Why are they so long?
  • Camera angles. Yes, I know you can move them, but but I really don’t like them disappearing behind walls mid fight. Games should know better by now.
  • Fighting. Who the hell came up with that? It’s like Fable, but even more unimaginative. Press one button, press the same button, oooh, press the same button again…
  • Cutscenes. They are so annoying, they deserve to be mentioned twice.
  • Horse riding. First of all what is the point? Second of all do they have speed cameras in the Holy land? Has no one ever seen someone go a little faster on their horse? Why do I raise suspicion for trotting along instead of nearly going backwards striding. They must have had horse messengers or peopel in a hurry. Surely?
  • Blending in with scholars and no one sees that big sword on my body?!
  • He can’t swim… Why not? He’s a trained Assassin for Christ’s sake. Training since he was little. And they forgot to teach him how to swim?
  • Tearing display. The game may look shiny, that doesn’t excuse the tearing display.

The worst thing about the game is that it feels so automated. Yeah, you can jump along beams, climb buildings, but it’s not really you doing it. All you need to do is hold the right trigger and move the thumbstick to climb or hold the trigger and press A to jump. Press A to hide in a group of scholars, then put the controller aside until you’re where you want to be..

People have said it’s got some Prince of Persia in it, but Prince of Persia is a very different and far superior game. It requires you to time jumps, direct the prince to where you want him; it needs reflexes and a clear strategy on how you’re going to get somewhere. Assassin’s Creed fails.

And I thought he was an Assassin, secretive, in the shadows, yet he is supposed to help citizens, thus drawing attention to himself?!

Of course Mass Effect was so good that no other game will be able to compare for a long time [ever?], but this is far worse than I though. So far anyway…


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28 Responses to Assassin’s Creed – First impressions

  1. Ashish says:

    Okay then. I’m postponing my 360 till 2009! :P


  2. Ashish says:

    Use a float:right for the avatars so that they float next to the name on the right side without increasing an extra row. :)


  3. Cat says:

    Why? Mass Effect…

    I was wondering what you were going on about when I read your comment in my email. That is really fugly. Gonna remove them all together, don’t like Avatars much anyway.


  4. Sha says:

    The fun of Assassin’s creed has sadly worn out. I’ve actually started to avoid playing for some of the reasons above. Plus there’s the whole problem of after swapping scenes you’re stuck with this voice in memory land giving you tips and not allowing you to get out of there until say…10 minutes later.


  5. Cat says:

    Thing is the only thing I actually had fun with so far was the chase on the guy in Jerusalem, Tafal. And I’m currently on the second time doing it as I died for now reason.

    This game infuriates me soo much. Like jumping where you don’t want to jump, people attacking you for no fucking reason, etc.


  6. timethief says:

    I’m not a gamer but I really appreciated checking out the links and reading your analysis too. There’s a part of me that wants to “play” …lol :D.


  7. Cat says:

    Don’t worry, read my blog for another few years and you’ll be convinced to play games as well. ;)


  8. Ashish says:

    So I guess timethief and me are in the same boat… except I don’t play your type of games! :P

    I was wondering what you were going on about when I read your comment in my email. That is really fugly. Gonna remove them all together, don’t like Avatars much anyway.
    Keep them. They look nice on the right now. How about increasing the size a bit so that it matches the row? I use 50×50, you might try tweaking yours and also add a 1pt padding so that they look really good. :)


  9. ish says:

    So, till now I’ve figured that the game is crap. I’m so happy I didn’t buy it. :P

    And what’s the problem with the avatars in the comments? They look very ok to me.


  10. Sha says:

    The only good parts are the assassins. Plus I have to say…the game really isn’t that challenging. It’s just boring that a) you can’t skip scenes (like I ever really pay attention to cut scenes) and b) you’re stuck with the same weapons and c) it’s not really that realistic. My brother and I had the same thoughts like you about the scholars. How can he look similar? Surely realistically the guards will notice?


  11. Cat says:

    Nah, I’m gonna remove them alltogether, I don’t like avatars too much. But that won’t happen today, as I want to change other things as well and don’t think I can be bothered with it.

    Ashish, what are you doing here on a sunday?!

    Haha, true, Ish. As for the avatars, they weren’t there before, they only got put in yesterday [remember, are now with Gravatar] and created an extra line above the name. Temporarily fixed it now though.

    I’ve got exaclty four things I like about the game so far, I keep hoping it’ll get better…


  12. arvind says: now that you have told prince of persia is a superior game i would rather change my mind and not do anything foolish to try the game so early..
    assasins creed though has created a big hype in the gaming arcade..
    my college guys are almost falttered by its trailer itself ..
    but i guess ur post would disappoint them …. :P


  13. Cat says:

    Hey there,

    Prince of Persia is not only superior but on a completely different level. For example in Assassin’s Creed you can climb buildings with one hand as all you have to do is move the thumbstick in the direction you want to climb. No skill involved.

    I loved the trailers for it, like the ones in this post:

    The game just isn’t like it.. Shame, I wish it would’ve lived up to the hype..


  14. arvind says:

    hmm…..well,yes prince of persia was great in every aspect ..i loved that game and even i had written a post on it.

    i am really dissapointed after reading ur post :(


  15. Cat says:

    Well, if you want PoP, this is the wrong game. There is a new PoP in the making though, I think it’s meant to come out next year.

    I hope they’re going back to the roots, I loved the Sands of Time, didn’t like the other two too much.


  16. arvind says:

    yeah ..i liked all the versions…
    i must say warrior within had complicated camera took time for me to adjust to it..
    but it was thrill..
    will be looking forward for the next version as u said..


  17. Cat says:

    Was Warrior Within the second or third?The second one was ok and I didn’t like the third one at all.

    I was just looking up the next version, looks like nothing has been confirmed yet, so it might take a while longer…


  18. Sha says:

    Problem with hype is people put the game on a high stool and then expect to live up to the hype…which sadly the makers did with this game. If maybe they hadn’t created such a hype, maybe people would be less disappointed. This is a big if though.


  19. Cat says:

    Well, the thing is, they did overhype it by a lot, but I still can’t believe just how much they messed up. It’s the basics. The team and all the people have made games before, so where di thye go wrong?


  20. Ashish says:

    what are you doing here on a sunday?!
    Theres a chance that I’ll be online every sunday now too… sigh. :(

    Keep the avatars, keep the avatars or we’ll boycott you. Everyone deserves to see my handsome avatared presence! :P

    Prince of Persia rawks btw. ;)


  21. Cat says:

    Ha, you can’t resist me. Plus you happily came along before I had avatars displayed!


  22. ish says:

    I think the avatars are looking pretty much fine, Cat. But I don’t know how it used to look before the avatars. Maybe it looked better earlier.

    And Ash, weren’t you online on Sundays earlier? And what’s with that handsome avatared presence eh? It’s just some DragonBallz nuthead. Which one is it? Gakerot or Vegeta? It’s a seriously lame show, they die, they resurrect, they fight, planet blows up, everything comes back. They fight, they die and it goes on and on and on. Lame! :P


  23. Cat says:

    Well, it didn’t have any avatars, so just imagine those avatars aren’t there. I just don’t like the look of it with people that don’t have avatars and there are so many that don”t have gravatar either.


  24. Ashish says:

    Cat: All right then, no avatars. :cry:

    ish: Well the show might be lame [well I think its a ton of elephant shit mixed with hippo shit and made into giant cakes by Ekta Kapoor] but that avatar isn’t. It’s beyond kool. :D Thats Gakarot btw, in SS mode. But the way they take multiple episodes to just power up or reach a destination it is frustrating. At least cardcaptors was good! :P


  25. ish says:

    Yeah, I’ve watched quite some episodes of Dragonballz myself and they’re funny. Sometimes they pass years in one episode and other times a minute in which he powers up to become Super Saiyan etc takes like 5 episodes. I watched cardcaptors too but that couldn’t hook me on. I watched Pokemon and another show who’s name I’ve forgotten a lot. I guess it was some “mon” too.


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  27. One legal system for the wealthy and an extra for a assassins creed rofl =)


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