What if…

24 was set in 1994? Back in the days with no mobile phones, dial up and the big printers..

Personally I prefer the high tech version..


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11 Responses to What if…

  1. Matt - Zyber says:

    Lol, yea i saw this about a month ago. I thought it was quite funny.


  2. Cat says:

    Collegehumour has some quality stuff. Been looking at a few of their videos lately.


  3. Esther says:

    Very funny. Can you imagine ever living without the internet?? :-)


  4. Sha says:

    I love this. Absolutely hilarious. Funny thing is I still remember AOL dial up and use to hate it because the parents would immediately know when I was on the net.


  5. Cat says:

    Hell no, I’m a complete internet addict! Thanks for stopping by, Esther. :)

    Sha, I used to have that problem many years ago as well! Or those printers.. The place I did work experience at many years ago had them and I had to rip the sidebits of stack after stack after stack of paper…


  6. Sha says:

    Funny thing as a child was I loved those printers. People got annoyed at me once I started ripping the side bits off any of those paper (printed on or not)


  7. Cat says:

    Ahahaha, were you bored by any chance?

    And I didn’t mind it the first day, but after that it was ridiculous, basically the stacks put on top of each other were about twice as high as me!


  8. Ashish says:

    Cat: They still use that paper over here to print electricity bills. :D

    Btw, you have your Jaiku feed on the sidebar now. So that means you are on 3 services basically offering the same thing – Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce. :D


  9. silvercube says:

    Hi! : )

    Yeah, that was a hilarious 24 spoof.

    Aol 3.0 roflmao!

    24 is a good show.


  10. Cat says:

    It would’ve been so different watching that many years ago. I wonder how things move on in the future, what will films/shows be like in 15+ years?


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