I have no bells!

Spending quite a lot of time playing games and even more reading and writing about them I sometimes forget just how strange some things can sound to someone who doesn’t.

Someone looking for help with Animal Crossing:

I read with interest your information about Animal Crossing. I am new to the game and am an older player. I haven´t much of a clue. My house is ridden with cockroaches or rats or something. I have no bells. I do not know how to find Tom Nook´s store. I have a pocketful of fruit. I don’t know how to write a letter to my housemate, who is sleeping (of course). I figured I could sell fruit if I could find the store. I wander around town but don´t get much help from anyone. Entered someone´s house who was about to put dinner on the table but was told she didn´t have enough for me and I should have brought something.

Talking about games, I’ve created some new pages partially so I’ll remember it in a few years!

List of games I’ve played:


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6 Responses to I have no bells!

  1. judyb12 says:

    For God’s sake, get the man some bells and buy his pocketful of fruit!


  2. judyb12 says:

    Oops, just read the other post. Please correct my terrible assumption and get that WOMAN some bells (and buy her pocketful of fruit)!


  3. B0bbyG says:

    I remember seeing how someone posted the question on Yahoo! answers: “How do I kill the T-Rex?” They claimed to have “killed everything else”. Someone guessed (correctly, I think) that the question was about Tomb Raider, but it was filed under Zoology.

    And as I type this, my brother is using his characters as pinballs to win rings…


  4. Cat says:

    Yeah, I think Tomb Raider is one of the only recent games to feature a T-Rex. But zoology?! That’s rather odd!

    The sleeping housemate and the dinner made me crack up most! And I feel like I want to play animal crossing now…


  5. Holy crap Cat! I just read your list. That’s a LOT of games! :)


  6. Cat says:

    Yep, doesn’t mean I completed them all though!


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