What the…?

Exactly a year ago I made a post about some msn conversations and how much they annoy me. I posted an example of a conversation with someone I didn’t have much contact to apart from having some completely pointless conversations with..

NAME says (18:14): good evening
Cat ftw says (18:14): Hey.
NAME says (18:15): how was your christmas?
Cat ftw says (18:15): Not too bad, how was yours?
NAME says (18:15): yeah not bad at all thanks
Cat ftw says (18:15): Good.
NAME says (18:16): so how have you been?
Cat ftw says (18:16): Can’t really complain. What about you?
NAME says (18:17): fine thanks
NAME says (18:17): same old really
Cat ftw says (18:17): That’s not too bad then.
Cat ftw says (18:18): What can I do for you?

How surprised was I when I looked through Akismet spam to discover this comment on said post:

What the…?


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22 Responses to What the…?

  1. kstafford says:

    had you seen the dance like a monkey part before? That’s pretty creepy!


  2. Cat says:

    Hey kstafford,

    nope that was the first time.

    I get a lot of spam for that post, but mainly about the usual stuff. This one especially in combination with the non existent email/website is just really bizarre..

    I mean, “Dance like a monkey”? What’s that all about?


  3. judyb12 says:

    so, did you de-spam it? :-p

    i don’t think it’s creepy, just very strange, and it doesn’t seem like spam.


  4. Cat says:

    Hey Judy,

    nope, it’s still sitting in Akismet waiting for me to do something. I don’t know what’s stranger though, the fact that it’s exactly a year or the monkey part…

    Kind of reminds me about the comments that link to google.com, completely pointless.


  5. bs angel says:

    LOL … That is so strange!

    I hardly sign into my msn messenger. For some reason my conversations are much like yours, extremely nonproductive. I haven’t had anybody ask me to dance like a monkey though. Thankfully.


  6. Cat says:

    I don’t know what I would do if someone would actually ask me that on msn!


  7. kstafford says:

    how does one respond to such a request? My knowledge of primate dance-steps is severely lacking. Could he at least be more specific with his creepy requests? Orangutan, chimp, gorilla, silver-back, rhesus monkey? Are we to assume all apes dance the same? :-)


  8. Cat says:

    Are the differences in the way monkeys dance? Do they dance?! do they like dancing?


  9. Ashish says:

    ROFL. But I guess he/she should have asked themselves because how can a Cat dance like a monkey? :P


  10. Ashish says:

    What the…? [In respect to my earlier comment which happens to have disappeared.]


  11. sulz says:

    i think it’s weird. what’s the point of putting that as spam?? sometimes these spammers are getting more and more bonkers.


  12. ish says:

    Lol, that was probably somebody with a wicked sense of humor. Dance like a monkey, LOL.

    I don’t think this is spam btw, some people just don’t believe in entering their e-mail ID’s so they make stuff up. I believe this person was just trying to act smart with you but Akismet foiled his/her plans.


  13. dmosbon says:

    ‘Dance like a monkey’ is a little nasty phrase that implies your spammer is the master to you, his monkey. Are you any good at dancing?


  14. Sha says:

    Lol. I agree with what Ish says. Makes sense. And yeah. I gave up on MSN a while ago for that reason. Convos are pointless on there.


  15. Cat says:

    @ Ashish: No idea? I’ve only got this one from you?

    @ sulz: There really is some random spam sometimes. Like the ones apologising, etc.

    @ Ish: It’s definitely spam, I’ve had three more identical comments now.

    @ dmosbon: Nope, afraid not. You any good at dancing?

    @ Sha: it’s more just some random people. I had the same on Gtalk as well. But now it’s better, I just remove/ignore convos like that.


  16. micha says:

    Oh, i think thats nothing new. I had a similar spam comment in the past ;-)


  17. Cat says:

    I had crazy stuff, just not this!


  18. sulz says:

    i actually understand the apology spam though. they left a link, so in a way maybe they’re saying sorry for being a bother. haha, wishful thinking.


  19. Cat says:

    Yeah, true. They just make me laugh though!


  20. ish says:

    Maybe spammers have started copy edit pasting things from pages. You never know what all they can do. I guess I need to check my spam queue sometimes too.


  21. Cat says:

    I check it every day, cause there are quite a few comments that end up in there. Akismet isn’t failsafe.


  22. Cat says:

    Just resurrected comment number 9 from Akismet, Ashish.


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